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Iceland will play your scream in the wild

If you don’t live on several acres of land with no neighbor in sight, you may not be able to take all your fears out into the wild with a nice, loud scream. Thanks to the Icelandic Tourism Authority, you can do this virtually.

How Condé Nast Traveler Iceland has been reported to have set up a special website, “Looks like you need to let it out,” where you can record a deafening scream that sounds on an outdoor speaker in Iceland. There are seven speakers, each in a different remote area of ​​the country, and you choose which one testifies to your booming voice. You can, for example, send your scream to the impressive Skógafoss waterfall in southern Iceland or to Festerfjall, an eroded subglacial volcano on the Reykjanes peninsula.

In 1970, psychotherapist Arthur Janov had the idea of ​​overcoming trauma or stress by screaming. He called it “primal therapy” and the technique became popular with celebrities like John Lennon and Yoko Ono. The primal scream is definitely not a widely accepted method among psychologists – especially for treating severe trauma – but after a particularly stressful day, a week, or months of quarantine, many people can testify that if they give a good reputation they will feel some emotional relief .

“We are unable to deal with the feelings we have, and because we do not move as much, there is a physical accumulation of emotions that can lead to blockages and things like depression and anxiety,” said Zoë Aston psychotherapist and mental health advisor working on Iceland’s initiative said Condé Nast Traveler. “Venting can shift this emotional blockage, freeing the part of the mind that has been in survival mode in the past few months to make really good decisions about what will happen in the future.”

Record your own cry here (or just hear other people’s high howls and guttural groans).

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