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I wanted to see ‘Tenet’ like an idiot

I went to see principle. I don’t feel good about it.

Though at this point recently I was thinking about what the theatrical release of Christopher Nolan’s action spectacle might look like lead to an influx of “corpses”, I made up my mind to watch the movie that, according to at least literally every internet headline for the past six months, has the power to “save” cinema.

While it won’t hit US theaters until later this week, it opened in Canada last Thursday. In my defense, the infection rates I live in are pretty low right now. Even so, I had already vowed not to return to theaters anytime soon and not to support a film that actively seeks to bring people back indoors at a time when it may not be safe – regardless of what happens Tom Cruise might want me to do it.

But then I saw that there was a time slot close by, similar to the one-person production of Shrek: The musical I put on my nightmares, sold zero Seats. My resolve waned. I miss going to the movies and that’s part of my job. When I got to the movie theater, I was first greeted by a huge, half-embarrassed grin from Robert Downey Jr. on a billboard for Dolittle that had clearly not changed since January. I can’t stress enough the number of post-apocalyptic vibrations I got from seeing that accursed sight.

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