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How to test network connectivity on a Mac

Your internet connection has failed again. It has happened a lot in the past few days. They called your provider and they said everything looked fine on their end.

Here’s the dreaded question: could it be your computer? You have a Mac that thinks it’s perfect and you would never have any problems with it. Before you get nervous, let us reassure you: this is not a serious problem. Maybe it’s the network after all.

The ping command on Mac can test the quality of your connection and determine the exact problem.

Ping Test Mac: Why Is It Useful?

You can use ping to easily test Internet quality and speed. It̵

7;s a simple feature that all Macs have, but not all users know it’s there.

Pinging your Mac is very useful before important conference calls and online interviews. If there is something wrong with the connection, you can use the internet from your cellular provider or walk to the nearest coffee shop.

You can also use the Mac ping command if you occasionally use your computer for research, gambling, social media time, or other activities. The test is especially valuable for gamers who need to measure the lag affecting their game.

Note the following: The ping function on the Mac is not exactly the same as a speed test. Your ISP may offer a fast connection, but the ping quality may be poor. This test measures the delay (latency) between your device and an internet server. In other words, it shows whether your provider is delivering quality in addition to speed.

If you think your internet connection is not optimal, here is a simple action you can take. We’ll tell you how to do it.

Using the Mac ping command

As always, Apple computers offer options. There are three ways to do the test.

Step 1: How to ping a website with Terminal

Many people don’t know how to use Terminal on Mac because they think it is a program for software developers. It’s not as complicated as it seems. If you want to know how to ping a website, Terminal is of great use.

  • Go to Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal
  • Art Ring and the URL of the website you want to test
  • Hit Enter and let your computer run the Internet Stability Test
  • To end the test, hold down Ctrl + C

You will get a quick report showing you the average and minimum quality of your connection.

2. Learn how to ping an IP address with the terminal

Now that you know how to use Terminal on a Mac by following the simple steps above, it’s time to check if the problem is on your network. You will follow the same steps as in the previous point. The only difference is that you’re pinging your IP address, not a website.

If you can’t ping your IP address, but your modem and router look fine, the problem is definitely with your local network.

3. How to ping an IP address and website using network utility

This is what most new Mac users think, “I should find an app to test my ping.” Before you begin installing any application, there are some things you should know about the following: There is a function in the network utility to test my ping. These are not network settings that appear in the drop-down menu under the connection icon. This is a separate function hidden in your computer.

  • The easiest way to find network utility is to find it in Spotlight or through Siri
  • They also fund it under Applications in Core Services in the system library
  • There is a clearly labeled Ping tab. Click it
  • To ping a website: Enter the address in the blank field
  • The default option is set to 10 pings. However, you can set an unlimited number of pings (10 is our recommendation).
  • Click Ping and wait for the report

Your computer will “Test my Ping” on addresses assigned to this website, as many times as you have specified. You get a clear result from a minimum, an average and a maximum. Then you will see the standard deviation. If it’s below 50 ms, it’s good enough.

This is what the test looks like:

As you can see, the results are displayed similarly to the Terminal test. It’s not that difficult to decipher the result. just look at the last number.

You can do the same for your IP address.

What can I do to improve the result after testing my ping?

Knowing how to ping an IP address and website is good for diagnosis. You see the problem, but if there is one, you still need to fix it.

If your ping tests are getting consistently low results, try moving your modem to a more convenient location first. If that doesn’t work and you need For a better connection, it is best to look for another provider.

This is when you need a third-party app to do the troubleshooting. It tests your network for stability, noise and signal strength. If you have the option to switch between networks, the app lets you test them all and choose the most stable one.

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