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How to keep your dog calm on July 4th

Fourth of July can be tough for dogs. Firecrackers illuminate their senses with unusual sounds, flashes and smells, and parties flood their homes with strange guests who can intrude into the spaces they normally have as private retreats. And when desperate dogs escape, howl, or whack around the house, Independence Day can quickly become a nightmare for their owners too. To minimize Fido’s stress during this vacation, we spoke to some dog experts to find out how best to keep your dog calm on July 4th.

1. Train your dog

Anthony Newman, the dog whisperer who runs Calm Energy Dog Training in New York, says exercise is a great way to help your dog release some nervous energy. “Whenever Fido is neglected for a long period of time or around stressful stimuli, it always helps to tire him just before ̵

1; and even at night if you can,” says Newman. “As the saying goes, a tired dog is a good dog! It will be calmer, happier, and more peaceful.”

2. Keep your dog indoors

Dr. Stephanie Liff, chief veterinarian at Pure Paws Veterinary Care, says the best place to keep your pet during a firework show is inside and outside the windows. “If the pet is very scared, an escape safe box or A soundproofed room such as For example, an internal bathroom can help the pet feel more secure, “Liff says to Mental Floss.” If you can’t keep your pet indoors, make sure the pet can’t escape (monitor all exits and tell guests to monitor your pet. “

3. Socialize your dog

While your dog feels safer in a room that is kept away from any noise, Newman suggests that you need to keep your dog isolated in another room also long can be stressful for your pet. “Let go of his curiosity and immerse him in the fun of walking around and playing with both biped and quadruped guests,” says Newman. “Then back to his obedient room, bed, car, box or place. Rinse and repeat as needed all night.”

4. Take control of your dog

According to Newman, the best way to keep your dog calm during the July 4th chaos is to keep control. “When your dog twitches, shakes, and runs away with loud noises, the last thing he wants to feel is that no one else is looking for him,” says Newman. Do not let your dog run around in the house or follow him to calm him down. Instead, Newman says it is important “to take control by attaching a super light leash that you can grab and guide whenever you need it.”

5. Research your dog’s treatment

In extreme cases of nervousness, Liff says that you should talk to your vet about medication to calm your dog.

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