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How to donate your old LEGO bricks

While you're never too old to play with LEGO bricks, you may not have enough storage for all of your massive Star Wars ships and Hogwarts halls. If you're looking for an easy way to make sure your sets get into the hands of dignified second-hand owners, you can return them to the LEGO group.

Geek.com reports that LEGO has partnered with Give Back Box. A sustainability organization offering charity mailing services for their new LEGO Replay initiative, where they send their used bricks to either Teach for America or Boys & Girls Clubs in Boston.

LEGO has made the donation process as easy as possible. In essence, they accept all the LEGO bricks that you have ̵

1; any number, size, condition. You do not have to donate complete sets, you do not have to sort the stones and you do not even have to wash the dust off. Give Back Box employees review all papers by hand, clean them thoroughly, and send them to the next generation of builders. All you have to do is put your stones in a box and print a free shipping label here.

"Playful learning can have a tremendous impact on a child's cognitive development," says Susan Asiyanbi, Teach for America's Chief Operating and Program Officer, said in a press release. "Children develop fine motor skills, think creatively and can learn to solve problems in the team. But not everyone has access to such resources.

Even if you yourself are an avid LEGO builder, this might be the perfect opportunity to offer some of your lighter sets to beginners and to make room for your next epic LEGO project – like this 1771-piece Yoda.

[h/t Geek.com]

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