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How much beer does it cost you all over the world?

The beer lover in your life does not need another funny "Will Work for Beer" T-shirt this year. Get one of these amazing Brewtastic products instead.

It can be difficult to find a tasteful interior that reflects the love of beer. Fortunately, Pop Chart Lab has you covered. Over the years, the design outfit has created a series of posters with beer motifs (unfortunately, the scratch-off beer poster is no longer available), and The Magnificent Multitude of Beer is its most impressive. The 48-inch by 32-inch poster depicts all the types of beer available, including the typical ABV and IBU areas, as well as the suggested glassware.

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Growlers offer a great way to bring a beer home that does not come in cans or bottles, but it's not perfect. If you do not intend to drink all 64 ounces in a single session, you are likely to end up with a beer. Introduce a solution: The uKeg 64 Pressurized Growler uses a CO2 cartridge to ensure that the last casting from this growler is as vibrant as the first, and its custom taps make it easy to fill a cast.


Beer lovers may be obsessed with their passion. If you are looking for someone thirsty for knowledge, there is no better place to start than this comprehensive reference. The Oxford Companion published by Brooklyn Brewery Brewmaster Garrett Oliver, has an incredible amount of information on beer culture, history, styles, brewing methods and more on 900 pages. Even the most accomplished know-it-all will learn something from this text. And if you're looking for a beer-loving gourmet, Oliver's Classic Book The Brewmaster's Table: Discovering the Delights of Genuine Beer with Real Food is also an excellent gift.

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Brewers make more and more complicated and beautiful bottle caps, and it's a shame to throw this art in the bin every time you pop a bottle. When your Giftee tries to drink her way through all 50 states, this funny wooden card will help them keep track of the progress while preserving outstanding caps.

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A glass in a glass pour the whole sensory experience that every sip offers. By allowing the user to better see and smell what he drinks, the glass is a valuable aid to enjoy every brew. And because different types of glasses are suitable for different beers, the glassware collection of a beer geek can never be too big. While there's a dizzying array of cool brewery brand glassware on the market, this six-piece set from Libbey covers all bases and allows your favorite beer freak to sample everything from dense Russian imperial stouts to refreshing German residents. It's a bargain at only $ 31


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With a little know-how and the right recipe, beer brewers can make beer that rivals the offerings of their commercial counterparts. If someone on your list wants to dip their toe into their home brewing waters, Brooklyn Brew Shop offers kits that contain almost everything they need to make a gallon of beer. With styles ranging from IPA for every day to Chocolate Maple Porter to Jalapeño Season, there is something for everyone.

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For various reasons, it can always be difficult to enjoy a delicious IPA you want one Give the next best thing: a pleasant brewing. The Swag Brewery makes soaps that are made with real beer. These soaps are available in nine different varieties – including oatmeal bread, IPA and Belgian joke beaters – and finally give you more reason to wash your hands. So you can decorate a colonial-style home with an evening, but it's not always practical. The Can-In Stone is changing that. Her loved ones just need to put their 12 ounce can into the frame and enjoy. (For a more DIY feel, KegWorks also makes plastic clip handles that turn any beer bottle or can into a jug of its own.)

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Traveling with a six-pack can be difficult. You want to be inconspicuous, but you have those bulky shapes and bottles that inevitably ring and conspire to blow your cover. Help a brow-loving buddy. This padded briefcase has room for a six-pack of 12-ounce standard bottles, so foam can be safely transported from point A to point B – all just a bit of a secret agent.

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Shutting down an entire 22-ounce bomber of a cowardly Imperial Stout or a double IPA in a single session can be a tasty but dubious decision , Westmark's smart bottle opener makes it easier to save a portion of the bottle for the next day. The Hermetus Opener pops as usual, but as soon as your Giftee is done to stop, it slides over the bottle, forming a tight, bubble-preserving seal.

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Do not think about it. If you buy a beer lover, you can not go wrong by just getting what you know they love – beer. Craft Beer Club takes the right brewing choice by shipping 12 or 24 bottles of craft beer (in four different versions) with each delivery. You can choose between monthly, monthly, quarterly or quarterly packages.

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