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How Keanu Reeves was gotten to do “The Watcher”

Thanks to the success of The matrix In 1999, when Keanu Reeves was showing his persistent banking ability at the box office, he was given a choice of projects in the 2000s. It was therefore puzzling to see Reeves in the 2000s The Observer, a generic crime thriller starring Reeves who plays a serial killer involved in a psychological game with an FBI agent played by James Spader. The film received poor reviews, made only $ 29 million, and seemed inconsistent with Reeves’ career. Why did he take on the role?

According to Reeves, it was because he was betrayed.

The actor originally agreed to play a small role in the film to do a favor for his friend Joe Charbanic, who played hockey with Reeves and also made recordings for Reeves̵

7; band Dogstar. It was him too The ObserverDirector. With Reeves on the cast, it would be easier for producers to get funding. Instead, Reeves was featured prominently, and his character, David Allen Griffin, took up a long time to complete. (Spader, who played Joel Campbell, received the highest payroll.)

That wasn’t the only problem. In an interview with The Calgary sun A year after the film was released, Reeves stated that “a friend” had forged his signature on a contract. While this could be a cause for legal action, Reeves did not see it that way.

“I never found the script interesting, but a friend of mine forged my signature on the agreement,” Reeves said. “I couldn’t prove he did and I didn’t want to be sued so I had no choice but to make the film.”

An irritated Reeves refused to promote the film, which Universal – the studio that produced the film – allowed if Reeves agreed not to openly discuss his complaints for a year.

Reeves went on to film both of them matrix Sequels released in 2003. After a series of mistakes, he scored a hit with 2015 John Wick. A fourth film in this series is planned.

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