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How I traveled in Gangtok for 2 days as a weekend trip

If you're bored of everyday life and want to escape for a while, you can visit Gangtok as a weekend getaway. I did it this year in January. It was almost three months since I had made my last trip to Spiti Valley and I wanted to go on a bad holiday. But saying goodbye to my current office was pretty much impossible at the time. So I decided to use my weekend and I packed my bag and went to NJP (New Jalpaiguri). It was Friday night and I finished my office work and quickly went to the Sealdah train station to take my train to NJP. It was 10:05 pm Darjeeling Mail.

Before you start reading, just watch this little 3-minute video of my Gangtok trip

Day 1: It was a sunny Saturday morning. I arrived at NJP at 9.30. Left the station and took a light breakfast from local shops. Then start negotiating with the shared taxis for Gangtok. Got a shared taxi with cheap food and started the trip to Gangtok. We left the place around 11 o'clock

  Road to Gangtok
Road to Gangtok

The journey was very good. I saw the beautiful green Tista just to the right of the road and it was fascinating. We had lunch for a while during our trip.

  Gangtok of the Testa River
the Teesta River

It took nearly 5 hours to reach Gangtok. After reaching and before I go to my hotel, I decided to see the local attractions on that day. I booked a 7-point sightseeing package from a local tour operator.

In this Gangtok sightseeing package, I've visited these below places –

  1. Chorten Stupa
  2. Suicide
  3. Flower Garden
  4. Bakthang Waterfall
  5. The famous Gangtok Cable Car
  6. Tashi Lookout [19659014NamgyalInstituteofTibetology
  Namgyal Institute of Tibetology
Namgyal Institute of Tibetology

  Suicide Point gangktok </p><div><script async src=
  19659025] Suicide Point gangktok
Suicide – point gangktok
  View from the Gangtok cable car
View from the Gangtok cable car

Afterwards I came back to my hotel and checked in. My hotel was at the end of the MG Road Center, so this place happened all the time. I was fresh at the hotel and walked on M G Road. Ate some snacks from the roadside food centers, visited some local shops to see nice souvenirs. The street was very colorful during the night. Do not miss the Momos to eat there.

  gangtok m g road
Gangtok M G Road

I have planned to visit Changu Lake and Baba Mandir the next day. Since this location is near the border with China, you need a permit. Following the instructions of the local tour operator, I gave them a copy of my electoral passport and passport photos.

Day 2: The next day, I woke up early in the morning to see the sunrise from the Tashi viewpoint. This vantage point is popular for enjoying a breathtaking view of the golden reflection of the sun's rays over the mighty Kanchenjunga. I rented a taxi to the Tashi Lookout and experienced the beauty.

  gangtok in the morning view
Gangtok in the morning view

After returning home, I took my breakfast, showered and got ready for the Changu sea voyage. I reached the central taxi stand, from which all taxis leave for Changu Lake and Baba Mandir.

  Baba Harbhajan Singh temple
Baba Harbhajan Singh temple
  Gangtok Baba Mandir entrance
Gangtok Baba Mandir entrance

My taxi departed at 8 O'clock in the morning. It took almost 2 hours 30 minutes to reach Baba Mandir. After Baba Mandir we visit Lake Changu or Tsomgo Lake. At that time, Changu Lake was half frozen. Here are some photos of Changu Lake.

  Frozen Changu Lake
Frozen Changu Lake
  Changu Lake Gangtok
Changu Lake Gangtok

I came from Changu to Gangtok at 3:00 pm. Afterwards, I saw something for lunch and rented a shared taxi for the NJP station because my return train was at 20:30. I left Gangtok at 4 pm and reached NJP from 7:30 pm to 8 pm

The train was on time and I reached Sealdah at 9 pm

The next day reached Sealdah at 9 pm. We went home fresh and no longer with an unforgettable memory of this trip to Gangtok. Good for this trip, my total cost was nearly Rs. 5000 and I divide all the costs down.

  • The cost (approximate) of these 2 days Gangtok trip:
  • Train fare (Sealdah to NJP): Rs. 350 (sleeper)
  • Train fare (NJP to Sealdah): Rs. 350 (sleeper)
  • Shared Car fare (NJP to Gangtok): Rs. 200
  • Share car to Baba Mandir & Changu Lake: Rs. 500
  • Shared Car fare (Gangtok to NJP): 300
  • Local Sightseeing Shared car fare: Rs. 500
  • Hotel costs (1 night): Rs. 900
  • Breakfast was complimentary
  • Total food costs for 2 days: Rs. 1200
  • Cable car price: Rs. 110
  • Admission to the flower garden: Rs .10

Total cost: Rs. 4420

Approximately the extent was Rs. 4500 to Rs. 5000

It was a very short trip, but enough to save my energy for a few months To charge office work. Well, at the time of return I have planned for my next trip, which is in West Sikkim.

So, if you want to take a break from your daily life and a mountain station, I would recommend Gangtok and Changu Lake.
Go and experience the beauty of Sikkim.

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