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How I earned my first $ 100 from My Travel Instagram profile

Being a travel blogger is not a joke issue. It's harder if you're doing a 10 to 7 permanent job at the same time. Many of my friends ask me how I manage to travel 3-4 times a year. Well, I thought about writing a blog later. If you are a travel blogger, you have to maintain many things and maintain consistency. Like –

  • Post & Post to Your Travel Blog
  • Upload Travel Photos on Facebook Profile
  • Update Facebook Page
  • Create Travel Videos & Upload to YouTube
  • Email answers to travel requests [19659003] Reply to comments on videos, photos and posts
  • Updating your Twitter account
  • Managing your Instagram account

Now the last Instagram that is very important for a travel blogger. You must upload images regularly to increase your Instagram followers. More followers mean more presence on the web than travel bloggers.

I also have my Instagram profile. Well, believe me or not, at first I was not that excited about Instagram. I hardly upload photos there. At that time I had less than 300 followers. But during my Ladakh Trips in 201

6, I uploaded new photos every day during my trip and guess what my followers increased by 300 within 12 days. That blew me away and I start uploading photos at regular intervals.

Honestly, building a popular Instagram profile with lots of followers is pretty hard. But it is possible and even with minimal followers you can earn money from Instagram. Well, that's right. I will not believe it until I get this ad proposal via my Instagram profile. After 11 months I started my Instagram account, I got an email asking if I have any advertising on my blog.

Find the Email Conversation Below –

 Advertising Suggestion Email It was a great feeling after I had received a sponsorship offer through Instagram. After that, I was more inclined to Instagram and regularly upload photos. It helped me to find new followers and I got more promotional offers. Here's the amount I've received so far via Instagram advertising.


Aside from the tips above to make sure you do not exaggerate these things –

  1. Do not post photos anymore as 2 to 3 in a single day. If you overdo it, you may lose your followers
  2. Do not post multiple images by breaking a single image. In this way, your followers can be irritated and move away from you.
  3. Do not overhear hashtags as they look spammy.
  4. Do not mark other profiles too much.
  5. Do not publish inferior travel images
  6. Do not upload direct marketing messages.
  7. Do not put too many texts in a picture. Pictures with texts reach a short range.

I believe that by following the tips above, you can increase your Instagram followers and increase your chances of receiving promotional offers. So keep posting and do not lose hope. You can also earn from Instagram like me.

If you have any questions about Instagram, you can write a comment below. Do not forget to subscribe to my blog for more tips. If you like my post, please like my Facebook page and you can follow me on my Instagram profile ( travel photographer couple ) as well.

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