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How Alfred is completely useless in "The Dark Knight"

Alfred Pennyworth; Batman's most trusted confidant who still has to cook, clean, and wash his dirty underpants. In its 80-year history, Batman's loyal butler has had many incarnations, from a dodgy old man to the latest horny young super spy on a television. One of the most memorable Alfreds of recent years can be found in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, in which the legendary Michael Caine is portrayed as the greatest servant of the comics. Caines Alfred is warm, nuanced and surprisingly unhelpful afterwards.

Throughout the series, Alfred strangely plays between supporting Bruce Wayne and casting shadows in almost all of his life choices. In Batman Begins Alfred understandably came into conflict; He wants to stay true to his replacement son and support him, but he's also not enthusiastic about his ideas about dressing in black rubber overalls in the middle of the night and whining about gangsters. In the aftermath The Dark Knight Alfred became his full partner in the fight against crime. He helps organize Bruce’s secret expedition to Chinese airspace.

  Like Alfred in Warner Bros.

For some reason, Alfred is the most concerned about her highly illegal system that is in breach of international treaties. As far as we know, World War III could lead to the relentlessly throws a yacht full of young Russian ballerinas at him – because who can resist a butler in the mid-1970s?

  Like Alfred Ist in Warner Bros.

  Like Alfred in Warner Bros.

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