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This year marks the 30th anniversary of the classic coming-of-age comedy House party. Written and directed by Reginald Hudlin, the film starred rap duo Christopher “Kid” Reid and Christopher “Play” Martin of Kid ‘n Play, as well as many other well-known names including Martin Lawrence, AJ Johnson, Tisha Campbell, Full Force and Robin Harris (who died just a few weeks later House party was published) and the late John Witherspoon.

This now classic comedy centered the black teenage experience in ways that had not yet made it into the mainstream, proving to Hollywood that the growing interest in black cinema in the late 1

980s wasn’t just a fad. The film focuses on black joy in a way the media struggles to this day, but its universal appeal continues 30 years later. Here are some fun facts about the beloved movie.

1. The idea for House party started with a song.

While he was still a student at Harvard University in the early 1980s, Reginald Hudlin came up with the idea of ​​a short film that would eventually become full-length House party after hearing Luther Vandross’ 1982 hit “Bad Boy / Have a Party”.

“Black music videos weren’t really a thing at the time, so I made a music video in my head for a song,” Hudlin told The Ringer House partyOrigins. “I kept thinking about what it would be and then I thought, ‘No, this is a movie.'”

2. House party could have played Will Smith.

Much like the film itself, the casting process for House party It all started with a song. The song in question? DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince “A Nightmare on My Street”. Due to some legal issues that arose while sampling the music A nightmare on Elm StreetThe rap duo ended up in a deal that made the House party Script in front of them. When the couple finally decided to pass the film on, the door to Kid ‘n Play opened to take on the project.

3. Kid ‘n Play met at a real house party.

On a 2016 episode of OWN’s Where are they Now ?, Play remembered meeting Kid at a party where he saw him rap. Both were in different groups at the time, with Play being played by Playboy and Kid by Kid Coolout. Over time, their groups broke up, leading the couple to band together and shorten their names to Kid and Play (or Kid ‘n Play).

4. The Hudlin Brothers make a cameo House party.

House party Writer / director Reginald Hudlin and his brother Warrington, who is also the producer on the film, also appeared on camera. They played the two burglars who are chased out of the house by the dog.

5. House party showed a fly girl.

AJ Johnson, who played Sharane – BFF for Tisha Campbell’s Sidney – was a fly girl In vivid color. Given her dance background and university experience, Johnson suggested adding a dance fight to the film, which ultimately became one of the most memorable moments in the film. Johnson even choreographed her and Campbell’s movements.

6. Tisha Campbell and AJ Johnson can still do this House party to dance.

Speaking of legendary dance-off: Johnson and Campbell have recreated theirs House party Routine in 2015 as a surprise for Alicia Keys’ birthday party that was House party-themed.

7th House party showed one of the first roles of Martin Lawrence.

Martin Lawrence had only appeared in one movie, Spike Lees Do the right thingbefore pouring House party. He met his future Martin Co-Star Tisha Campbell while working on House party.

8. “Ain’t My Type of Hype” isn’t on that House party Soundtrack.

Full Force’s “Ain’t My Type of Hype” was the song that was played during the legendary dance-off scene, but it is not included in the film’s official soundtrack. Full Force, the hip-hop group who also played the movie’s villains, released the song after the soundtrack was completed and it became one of their biggest hits.

9. There was a lot of improvisation and collaboration on the House party to adjust.

The input was taken over by the very talented cast: John Witherspoon and Robin Harris improvised most of their lines, and Full Force rewrote their characters to make them more humorous. “We had rehearsals where we improvised and freestyle and I put their ideas into the script,” Hudlin told Black Film. “You don’t have talented people who say, ‘Stick to the script.’ In particular [when] You are doing a comedy. “

10. House party started a movie franchise.

House party has spawned four sequels –House party 2 (1991), House party 3 (1994), House Party 4: Until the last minute (2001) and House party: Tonight is the night (2013) – although none of them were directed by Hudlin. Kid ‘n Play have appeared in all but one of the sequels.

11. LeBron James produces a brand new one House party.

In 2018 The Hollywood Reporter announced that LeBron James and his production partner Maverick Carter plan to create one House party Film for a new generation. But James knew the film wasn’t going to be a makeover.

“This is definitely not a restart,” said James. “It’s a whole new look for a classic movie. Everyone I grew up with is loved House party. To work with this creative team to bring a new one House party It’s incredible for a new generation. “While there’s no word if Kid ‘n Play will repeat their roles, Carter said they are” trying out some ideas for musicians to get them involved and be part of the project. “”

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