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Here is the “Spider-Man” movie we should get

Recently, Pop culture sites have been all over the rumor The Kraven the hunter will be the bad guy in the next Spider-Man: Something at Home and I think that’s pretty cool. Kraven has always been on the verge of being an A-Lister comic villain. Still, he is constantly held back by the fact that his special powers are unable to control sand or mechanical tentacles, but rather have some traps and cloud facial hair. This frustrates him the heck and culminates in the classic “Kraven̵

7;s Last Hunt” story in which he finally defeats Spider-Man. Kraven buries Spider-Man alive in a Kill Bill-esque manner, impersonates the Web Slinger, beats a villain who caused trouble for Spider-Man, and commits suicide after proving himself superior to his greatest enemy.

It’s the kind of story that proves that DC is having epics like around the same time The dark knight returnsMarvel was ready to throw too. And it would make for a terrible movie. The whole thing builds on the fact that for decades in comic book history, Kraven has been embarrassed by a broken arachnid from Queens. Unless you’re ready to build him up across multiple films as a man who just can’t get the job done, it would mean having a story with the first two acts of Kraven fumbling all over the place, and then a third act, in which the movie will be darker than any Marvel movie ever before. Just 90 minutes of banana peels and then 45 minutes Requiem for a dream.

Act 3 is just laughing and crying and confusion and then crying.

So if they easily adapt a comic book story with Kraven, I’d recommend “Hunted” from last year. Well, it’s not a perfect story, but it’s based on Kraven getting his groove back by chasing after a number of C-list Spider-Man enemies like Beetle, Kangaroo, Cottonmouth, Squid, etc. and some of the villains who did it to surpass their nature-related outfits and become popular like Rhino, Scorpion and Vulture. It’s a story that hits you in a cool way: “This is so great they should have done it 30 years ago.” But I think it would be a good Spider-Man movie for three reasons:

1) It would finally give us the chance to see an expanded gallery of villains for Spider-Man who has one of the best on the planet. Spider-Man movies had villain team-ups like 3, Amazing 2 and Homecoming in a way, but I’d like to point out a bigger world in which Spider-Man is a sucker named “after the credits”Stegron. “

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Thanks for adding “The Dinosaur Man”. Otherwise I would be totally confused.

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