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Have a party with the new Christmas cookbook ‘Downton Abbey’

There might not be a free lunch, but there is a free cup of joe on National Coffee Day (today!) (Here are just a few of the places you can get one). So why not pay back the giveaway by treating your barista with one of these fascinating coffee facts?

1. Coffee was originally chewed.

Sipping may be your preferred method of consuming java, but coffee hasn’t always been a liquid indulgence. According to a number of historians, the first African tribes to consume coffee consumed the berries together, added some animal fat, and rolled these caffeinated treats into tiny edible energy balls.

2. Drinking coffee without coffee is what drives the soda industry.

After the coffee beans are decaffeinated, several coffee makers sell the caffeine to soda and pharmaceutical companies.

3. Instant coffee has been around for almost 250 years.

Instant coffee has been around for some time and first appeared in England in 1

771. However, it would be another 139 years before the first mass-produced instant coffee was introduced (and patented) in the United States in 1910.

4. The average American spends about $ 1,100 on coffee each year.

You’d think spending an average of $ 1,100 on coffee each year would be enough to make America the most caffeine-rich nation in the world. You would be wrong.

5. Finland is the coffee capital of the world.

Although Finland doesn’t produce its own beans, its citizens drink a lot of brown stuff – most of it from any country in the world.

6. Beethoven was a barista’s worst nightmare.

Beethoven enjoyed a cup of coffee and was extremely special with the preparation; He insisted that every cup he consumed was made with exactly 60 beans.

7. Brazilian athletes sent coffee beans to the Olympic Games in 1932.

Brazil could not afford to send its athletes to the Olympic Games in Los Angeles in 1932. So they loaded their ship with coffee and sold it on the way.

8. There have been several attempts to ban coffee entirely.

In the 18th century, governments were still trying to eradicate coffee. One of the many reasons the drink was banned was its tendency to encourage “radical thinking”. In 1746, Sweden took things to an extreme when it banned both coffees and Coffee utensils (i.e. cups and saucers).

9. Coffee can extend your cat’s life.

Maybe it’s a coincidence, but the Guinness World Record holder for “Oldest Cat Ever” – a 38-year-old cat named Creme Puff – drank coffee from her furry little life (plus bacon, eggs and broccoli) every morning. Before you finally refuse, here are some things to consider: The cat who beat Creme Puff for the record (a 34-year-old cat appropriately named Grandpa Rex Allen) had the same owner and was fed the exact same diet.

10. 17th century women thought coffee turned their husbands into “useless corpses.”

In 1674, the women’s petition against coffee claimed the drink was turning British men into “useless corpses” and proposed a ban on anyone under the age of 60.

11. Chock Full o’Nuts Coffee does not contain nuts.

It’s named after a chain of nut shops that the founder turned into coffee shops.

12. The most expensive coffee in the world comes from animal feces.

Kopi Luwak, the most expensive coffee in the world, deserves its expensive award thanks to a surprising production step: digestion. In Indonesia, a wild animal known as the Asian palm civet (a small animal similar to the weasel) cannot resist the bright red coffee cherries that abound, even though they cannot digest the actual coffee beans. The beans pass through the civet systems without being fully digested. At this point, a brave coffee farmer is collecting the beans from the civet droppings, (hopefully) washing them thoroughly, and selling them for up to $ 600 a pound.

13. The world’s first webcam was looking at a coffee pot.

While it was hardly what could be described as “action-packed”, it enabled researchers at Cambridge to monitor the coffee situation in the Trojan room without ever leaving their desks. After the webcam portion of the Trojan Room coffee pot experiment was pulled, the pot itself – a malfunctioning Krups ProAroma pot that usually retails for around $ 50 – was auctioned off on eBay for just under $ 5,000 Dollar was sold.

14. It would take 70 cups of coffee to kill a 150 pound person.

Too much of anything can be a bad thing – yes, even your individual favorite coffee drink. A video from AsapSCIENCE found that it takes 70 cups of coffee to kill a person who weighs about 150 pounds.

15. There’s a Starbucks at the CIA headquarters.

Some Central Intelligence Agency officials call it “Stealthy Starbucks,” but employees at the Langley, Virginia site are definitely not typical Starbucks employees. On the one hand, they have to undergo extensive background checks and cannot leave their posts without CIA escort. On the positive side, they don’t have to write down or call out their customers’ names!

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