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“Harry Potter” is the dying star in our pop culture universe

Harry Potter, The young magician who taught a generation of children that reading is both a joy and a means of getting your parents to hang you in the local mall after midnight. It seemed like an unassailable pop cultural juggernaut, similar to the Beatles or war of stars;; A franchise that is passed down from generation to generation like a beloved heirloom tomato. However, we are no longer sure whether this is the case.

Okay, first let’s talk about the hippo handle in the room. JK Rowling’s comments on the trans community – which we need to be careful about because Rowling recently threatened to sue a Children-
News website for reporting that their views have been problematic. For example, if we write that a self-described free speech advocate hires defamation attorneys to silence them any Publication is a massive responsibility that only further invalidates your bigoted fool we
to get sued?

As most of us now know, Rowling has recently released a number of tweets that many (including other authors, multiple corporate partners, fansites, and the leading actor in.) Harry Potter Films) for their transphobic messaging. Then, presumably because a Potter fan on a monkey̵

7;s paw wished Rowling would publish more fonts, she wrote a long blog post defending her views.

Rowling’s essay is full of inaccuracies, including concerns that opening “bathroom and dressing room doors” to trans women could result in abuse, which is A) a myth that is based on no real-world evidence, and B) pretty rich of someone who wrote a whole goddamn book about two heroic teenage boys spending their evenings in the girls’ washroom.

And here we thought that the moral was to keep all living organisms away from public toilets.Warner Bros.And here we thought that the moral was “to keep all living organisms away from public toilets”.

All of this is particularly shitty, as Rowling literally started her career with a story about a child who is abused and abused due to narrow-mindedness and fear. Rowling is also crazy rich, possibly a billionaire. Why should she spend any It’s time to rant on Twitter (let alone target one of the most vulnerable communities in the world) when she can literally do it everything your heart desires? If I had that much money, I could bet I wasn’t on social media. I would be too busy living with my golden crossbow and terrible osprey Methusalah on an island of mysterious shipwreck hunting for sport.

Rowling’s claim that all of this was to defend the gay and lesbian community, not to help, is the fact that her crime pseudonym “Robert Galbraith” “may not be coincidentally” akin to the name “Robert Galbraith Heath” – AKA the is a guy who pioneered gay conversion with electroshock treatment.

Hey, the publisher has my first pseudonym, Dr.  Electro by Dickwad, declined.Sphere Books“Hey, the publisher rejected my first pseudonym, Dr. Electro von Dickwad.”

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