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From Christmas carols set up around the castle to the warm, dry snow falling in the Great Hall, Hogwarts holidays are taking the Christmas spirit to new heights. Capture some of that magic for your own festival this season, with these gift ideas that will enchant and delight potterheads of all ages.

. 1 Christmas in Hogwarts Puzzle; $ 20

Your family might not be able to spend Christmas Eve at Hogwarts, but you can create a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle that sums up the Christmas spirit in a wonderful illustration by Mary Grand-Pré. There is also a 1000-piece version for puzzle masters and other puzzles with the three broomsticks, a quidditch game, Diagon Alley and much more.

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2. Alex and Ani Deathly Hallow's Ring; $ 28

For anyone unfamiliar with the series, this will likely just look like a normal ring with a cool geometric design ̵

1; Potterheads of course recognizes it as the symbol of the Deathly Hallows. In this way, fans can celebrate their magical passion in a subtle, stylish way.

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3. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: The Journey ; $ 32

Looking at the Harry Potter books and movies in the background, they seem somehow more enchanting, and the two-part play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is no exception. This artfully assembled band offers fans access to interviews, sketches, backstage photos, notes, and more about creating compelling, record-breaking theater production.

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4. Hogwarts House ceiling; $ 26- $ 40

It's just too easy for anyone to imagine him curled up in one of those cuddly throw blankets, curled up next to a log fire at Hogwarts. Not only do they come into every Hogwarts house, but they also come in one with the Hogwarts crest, a Marauder card version, and another design containing all four Hogwarts houses.

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5. Wizard chess set; $ 40

Although these chess pieces and wives do not barbarously fight each other or give questionable advice to their players throughout the game, they are still an impressive replica of those in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone . And since they match the turrets, knights, and other pieces of a regular chess game, both Harry Potter fans and regular chess fans can enjoy this gift.

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6. The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook ; $ 11

The delicious written descriptions of festivities in the Great Hall and treats on the Hogwarts Express are only surpassed by the visual representations in the movies. From Harry's favorite treacle tart pie to a refreshing vial of pumpkin juice, this delicious, comprehensive cookbook contains everything.

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7. Tailored Polyjuice Potion Flask; $ 15- $ 20

Whether this bottle contains real Polyjuice Potion or something more appetizing (Madam Rosmerta's finest oak-aged mead perhaps?) Is a mystery to all but the drunkard, but it will definitely be clear to whom the bottle It is available in red, purple or black and can be customized with the name of the recipient.

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8. LEGO Hogwarts Castle; $ 400

Priced at $ 400 and more than 6000 pieces, LEGO's Hogwarts Castle is not for the faint-hearted – but for every LEGO-loving Potterhead, a dream comes true. With the Chamber of Secrets, Whomping Willow, Hagrid's Lodge and more than 30 Harry Potter characters, this epic set will inspire the imagination of children and adults alike. For more LEGO options that take up less space in the living room (and budget), check out this Great Hall set.

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9. Dobby socks; $ 8

Fans can celebrate Dobby's dogged devotion with a pair of comfortable socks. These are far cleaner than the ones Harry freed the lovable elves in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and they are also more appropriate for more formal events, since the text is obscured by your shoes.

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10. Golden Snitch Table Lamp; $ 25

Without a Lumos spell brightening the night, we must resort to Muggle artificially. Still, there are some magical lights on the market – this Golden Snitch-style lamp is powered by a USB cable and turns on when you tap the top of the bell-glass.

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11. Hogwarts Stamp Sealing Wax Kit; $ 15

Part of Harry Potter's charm comes from the way it combines magic with the Middle Ages. For example, teleportation is possible, but students are still writing pen and ink. Forget the licking of envelopes – seal it with the Hogwarts Crest with this wonderfully old-fashioned wax and stamp kit.

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12. Mirror of Erised; $ 25

This mirror is about 21 inches tall and will not disturb the entire decoration scheme of a person nor take up too much space on the wall. Instead, the gold frame gives each room the perfect magical touch, and the engraving (read backwards: "I do not show your face but your heart's desire") helps the owner to remember what he really wants in life (more) we take that presents Harry Potter).

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13. The Marauders Map Guide to Hogwarts ; $ 8

Similar to Harry's lighted wand illuminating lightly-looking details of the lock throughout the series, the wand included in this guide also serves as an invisible ink stick and black light that reveals some of Hogwarts' secrets as it hovers over parts of the castle The map of the Marauder. Younger Potterheads will also enjoy making their own card (invisible or real ink) with the special blank parchment paper on the back of the book.

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14. Gringotts Bank; $ 24

Since Gringotts is the safest place in the world for something you want to hide (besides the Room of Requirement, of course), you'll find a 9.5-inch replica of the Wizarding Bank here, with coins and bills in the fans' hand can store. and other pint-size secrets through the slot on the back. It also has a hole in the bottom, which is closed with a rubber stopper, so that the contents can be emptied easily.

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