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Happy Birthday, Jeff Koons! | walls

21st January 2019

A philosophy student interested in theory, politics and the arts. Alias ​​of Jelena Martinović

Jeff Koons is often referred to as the king of postmodernism and is one of the most influential and controversial post-war artists. He works somewhere between high and low culture and often creates works inspired by familiar objects and symbols from our everyday lives. Through his practice he has succeeded in transforming the idea of ​​an artist into the world cult of celebrity . Despite numerous controversies about himself and his work, he remains one of the most famous and popular personalities of contemporary art.

In the mid-1

980s, as part of a generation of artists exploring the meaning of art and spectacle, gained prominence in a media-saturated era, Koons was considered a populist with the artistic purpose of "communicating with the masses ". His work, however, has convinced the most demanding and ostensibly elitist public ] one of the most expensive living artists .

In his artwork, Jeff Koons plays with notions of taste, enjoyment, celebrity, and commerce. He works with seductive materials and transforms mundane objects into high art icons that ingeniously reverse the economic logic that forms the basis of his overwhelming economic success. His pieces play with ideas of kitsch and bad taste and challenge the audience conceptually and aesthetically, while at the same time leading a metaphysical dialogue with cultural history. However, he has always vehemently claimed that there are no hidden meanings in his work. In 1993, Koons commented:

A viewer might see irony in my work … but I do not see any. Irony causes too much critical contemplation.

In response to growing demand for his work, Koons founded a factory-style factory building in New York's SoHo district and proclaimed himself an "idea man." and acquired dozens of assistants to help him create his pieces. Today, his production house employs more than 100 assistants capable of reproducing works in a style that feels like they have been produced with one hand. Recently, Koons moved to a new studio at Hudson Yard's layoffs, which have been featured at Jeff Koons Studio since 2015.

Today the controversial artist turns 64 years old. On this occasion, we have compiled a list of Jeff Koons' Artworks that you can own now!

Selected image: Jeff Koons in New York via Wiki Commons. All images courtesy of their respective galleries.

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