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For Disney Channel Original Movie fans, a spooky season can mean only one thing: it’s time to watch it Halloween city. The 1998 film about a teenager who discovers her grandmother is a witch living in another magnificently monstrous dimension. It’s a Disney Halloween classic. Here are 13 facts about the popular four movie franchise.

1. Halloween city was one of the first original Disney Channel films.

Originally, Halloween city would become a darker Halloween-based film for NBC. Five years after the network passed the project on, screenwriter Paul Bernbaum received a phone call saying the film was a success: but for a younger audience. When Halloween city It premiered on October 1

7, 1998 and was the fourth original Disney Channel film to be preceded by only one movie Under wraps (1997), You lucky dog (1998) and Edge! (1998).

2. Debbie Reynolds was the first actress Halloween city.

The film’s best-known star was also the first to be cast. “Debbie decided to open up to television. When we saw the list, we looked at her name once and said, ‘Oh my god, would she really do this?’ “Said Sheri Singer, executive producer on the film.” And she did. We never went to anyone else. “

3. Halloween city had a modest budget.

If Duwayne Dunham, Halloween cityThe director who first worked on the film had a budget between $ 20 million and $ 30 million. However, this was later trimmed to just $ 4 million. Rather than canceling the project, Dunham and the crew managed to make ends meet. They shot the whole movie in just 24 days, and instead of hiring a ton of monsters, they had to reuse extras and cast them in various fantastic roles.

4. Benny the skeleton was a favorite Halloween city Support.

Although the film’s budget was low, the production team did spend money on a specific taxi driver. The cheeky skeleton was created with a lot of effort. It was built specifically for the movie, and one person had to move their mouth while another took care of their various other limbs. The robot was well worth the effort: “Benny is one of my favorite characters,” said Dunham. “It’s just kind of wired up, kind of crazy, like a New York cab driver.”

5. Halloween city was shot in St. Helens, Oregon.

Halloweentown might not be real, but St. Helens, Oregon is. Though the city was only briefly turned into a literal ghost town during filming, it holds on to its Hollywood relationships. The Spirit of Halloweentown Festival takes place in St. Helens every year. The event features a spectacular range of spooky, family-friendly activities like costume contests and haunted tours. In 2017 the main Halloween city The cast were reunited at the festival for the first time in nearly a decade to honor Reynolds, who passed away in late 2016.

6. You can pretend you’re there Halloween city and stay with Grandma Aggie.

Nob Hill Riverview Bed and Breakfast served as Grandma Aggie’s house. You won’t find hilarious kitsch or giant kettles in Queen Anne’s Victorian home, but you can enjoy a romantic getaway with comfy couches and freshly brewed coffee.

7. The actor who played calabar Halloween city had to learn a little magic.

You can’t chalk in all of the magic Halloween city up to post-production magic. Robin Thomas, the actor who played Kalabar, had to learn some basic tricks while filming. “That wasn’t one of my skills,” he said Hustle and bustle. “I had to practice with a stick, I practiced with an emerging stick and coin tricks where I pulled a lollipop out of my ear and a coin [Sophie’s] Ear. That was fun.”

8. The first line Kal said in the 2001s Halloweentown II: Calabar’s Revenge was actually a German song.

Daniel Kountz, the actor who is the eerily polite warlock’s son in the Kalabar Halloweentown II: Calabar’s RevengeLittle did I know he had to come up with his own spell when he opened the portal to Halloweentown. With just 15 minutes to conjure up before filming began, he dived into his memory bank and selected parts of a German song he’d learned in his high school choir.

9. The high school in Halloweentown high (2004) will look familiar to fans of the Disney Channel Original Movie.

Halloweentown high sees a group of Halloweentown residents attending regular high school as some sort of clandestine, interdimensional exchange program. The cast also spent time in typical high school while making the film. The school scenes were filmed at Juan Diego Catholic High School in Draper, Utah. Eagle-eyed Disney fans may feel a sense of déjà vu when they watch the movie. It turns out, Halloweentown high It wasn’t the first time that a mythical figure had roamed the halls of the school: the campus was also the setting for another holiday film. The luck of the Irish (2001).

10. Disney Channel Original Movie fans will also recognize some familiar faces Halloweentown high.

Natalie the Troll and Ethan the Warlock may not have been the main characters in Halloweentown high, but that didn’t stop their actors from gaining Disney fame. Olesya Rulin (Natalie) and Lucas Grabeel (Ethan) played against Kelsi and Ryan in 2006 High school musical.

11. Halloween city Fans weren’t the only ones who were disappointed. Marnie was re-cast in 2006 Return to Halloweentown.

In all four films only Judith Hoag (Gwen Cromwell) and Joey Zimmerman (Dylan Cromwell) could be seen. Reynolds (Grandma Aggie) appears briefly in Return to Halloweentownand Emily Roeske (Sophie) is nowhere to be seen. And although Marnie is still a main character in the 2006 film, she is played by another actress. It’s unclear why Sara Paxton replaced Kimberly J. Brown – but regardless of the rationale, fans weren’t the only ones disappointed with the move. “I was disappointed with the fans,” said Brown Seventeen. “And I think a little disappointed in general just because I love Marnie and the show and would always like to keep playing.”

12. The cast is open to others Halloween city Episode.

Disney has no plans at the moment to reopen the portal to Halloweentown, but that doesn’t mean the gate to the magical world is tightly closed. As the actors behind the Crowmwell Clan Bustle said in 2018, they are interested in keeping the beloved franchise going. “Let’s do it all over again. I’ll do it, we need everyone to get on board, ”said Zimmerman. “Yes, please, let’s do it!”

13. You can buy Halloween city Were created by Kimberly J. Brown on Etsy.

If, like Grandma Aggie, you believe that “normality is grossly overrated,” you can show your Halloweentown pride with handcrafted merchandise, all of which were created by the actress behind Marnie herself. Brown’s Etsy shop is full of movie-related merchandise like clothing and hand-painted signs.

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