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Greatest body transformations for a film reel

Some call it an obligation; others think it’s crazy. Categorize it according to your preferences, but many actors keep showing their willingness to take extreme measures to get an accurate physical picture of the characters they portray. Some actors have performed multiple body transformations for a film role. While filmmakers may not be required to do this, the actors do what they think they do to better fill a role – in some cases, it goes far beyond normal physical training or changing hair color.

Here are the top body transformations for a film role:

5.) Chris Hemsworth – Thor

Chris Hemsworth, Thor

Amazon / Marvel / Disney

For this film, Hemsworth won £ 20 for his lead role in Thor. The actor was able to lay the foundation for his body so that he could maintain it for his recurring role as Thor.

People wanted his body so much that Google saw an increase in “Chris Hemsworth Workout”.

14.) Chris Pratt – Guardian of the Galaxy

Chris Pratt, Guardian of the Galaxy

Amazon / Marvel / Disney / Starsurf / Splash News

Chris Pratt was known as the overweight funny guy who lived in the pit Parks and recreation. When he got this film role, he went to the gym three to four hours a day.

The funny guy could lose 60 pounds in just six months. In addition, Pratt was able to keep up quite successfully.

13.) Jake Gyllenhaal – south paw

Jake Gyllenhaal, south paw

Amazon / The Weinstein Company

Gyllenhaal gained 15 pounds of muscle to play a boxer in this film. He trained six hours a day for six months!

The actor is so committed to the role that his relationship with Alyssa Miller ended pretty quickly.

12.) Matthew McConaughey – Dallas Buyers Club

Matthew McConaughey, Dallas Buyers Club


An amazing part of the film is that this actor loses a lot of weight. McConaughey dropped over £ 40 for the role.

The film is based on the real story of an AIDS patient named Ron Woodroof, who fought the U.S. government to bring unauthorized medication to others.

11.) Natalie Portman – Black Swan

Natalie Portman, black swan

Amazon / Michael Buckner / Getty Images

This young actress was faced with a difficult schedule when she joined the role of a ballerina Black Swan. Portman said that she felt she wanted to die because she lost £ 20 for the roll and only ate carrots and almonds.

She also spent eight hours a day rehearsing.

10.) Demi Moore – GI Jane

Demi Moore, Gi Jane


Demi Moore has announced that she will be Lieutenant Jordan O’Neil, the first female Navy SEAL, for the film GI Jane was not easy.

There is Demi Moore training and a diet where she becomes GI Jane. It includes Navy SEAL training with a lot of strength, cardio and martial arts.

9.) Vincent D’Onofrio – full metal jacket

Vincent d'onofrio, full metal jacket


Before he started filming Stanley Kubrick’s film, D’Onofrio was a thin, tall athlete with curly dark hair. After signing up for this film, he had to gain 70 pounds and shave his head.

It was a shock to see his change.

8.) Emma Stone – Battle of the sexes

Melinda Sue Gordon / 20th Century Film / Getty Images

How did Emma Stone become a tennis icon, Billie Jean King? Well, it took a lot of workouts and protein shakes to get there! Stone had to increase her calorie and fat intake, which helped her lose weight.

She also had to exercise twice a day five days a week and do a combination of lifting and strength training.

7.) Jared Leto – Chapter 27

jared leto chapter 27

Amazon / Just Jared

Jared Leto gained a whopping 66 pounds. He claims to swallow and force-feed to gain weight. He even cooked ice in the microwave and mixed olive oil and soy sauce before drinking it to bloat more.

The weight gain caused gouty pain in the feet and it took more than a year for him to feel back to his old self. No wonder he is not planning to regain weight.

6.) Russell Crowe – Body of Lies

Russell Crowe Body of Lies

Warner Bros., Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Russell Crowe is not afraid to reinvent himself for a role, and has increased and decreased several times over the years for his numerous roles.

The most dramatic change occurred in the film. Crow assumed 63 pounds of fat for his role in the film, a weight gain that caused his cholesterol level to rise dangerously high.

5.) Matt Damon – courage under fire

Matt Damon, courage under fire


Matt Damon appeared as a serious actor in 1997, thanks in part to the extreme physical changes he had made to portray a narcotic addict and a veteran of his past. Damon trained extensively and lost over 40 pounds, which shocked director Edward Zwick when he first appeared on set. The actor’s emaciated condition had many concerns about his health, but he remained committed.

After filming was complete, he finally went to a doctor who gave him medication to correct his blood sugar imbalances. Although the effects of his dramatic transformation lasted longer than he thought, serious directors began to pay attention to the young actor and his career began.

4.) Charlize Theron – Monster

charlize theron, monster

Amazon / Mark Liddell / Getty Images

Charlize Theron’s portrayal of serial killer Aileen Wuornos in the 2003 film was a shock as most people associated her with glamor and beauty. Theron didn’t just want to dress the character like a suit – this was a real person who should be portrayed as the person she was.

To prepare for the role, she gained 30 pounds and appears in the film with minimal makeup, blotchy skin, and thread-like hair. Theron saw no other way to get into the character than to live in her body – and considering that she won an Oscar for her performance, she must have been right.

3.) Rooney Mara – The girl with the dragon tattoo

Rooney Mara, the girl with the dragon tattoo

Angela Weiss / Getty Images

When Rooney Mara was cast as Lisbeth Salander, she experienced a dramatic change in appearance. She had shaved much of her hair and dyed the rest black – but changing hair color and length is something actresses are constantly doing for different roles.

Mara’s physical changes didn’t stop there. She bleached her eyebrows until they were almost invisible and got several new piercings in her nose and ears. When the transformation was complete, Mara admitted that she hardly recognized herself in the mirror.

2.) Robert De Niro – Raging Bull

robert de niro, raging bull

Amazon / Michael Ochs Archive / Getty Images

To portray legendary boxer Jake La Motta in the 1980 film, Robert De Niro essentially wanted to be him. Before filming began, De Niro started with workouts modeled on those that La Motta would have done as a fighter. But turning into a lean, mean fighting machine was only half the story – for the last part of the film, De Niro had to pile up the pounds to portray the bloated, washed-out older La Motta.

During filming, the actor ate practically everything in sight to gain weight – and gain weight, from 140 to 215 pounds. Although De Niro was praised for his brilliant and authentic boxing legend performance, he struggled to lose the weight he had gained for the role and as a result struggled with depression.

1.) Christian Bale – The machinist

Christian Bale, the machinist


Christian Bale ate coffee, cigarettes and an apple every day. The 6-foot-2-inch actor lost almost 70 pounds over several months – a third of his previous body weight.

Perhaps even more shocking: Bale was jazzed up in just six weeks after the shoot and rebuilt to his previous weight so that he could play the title character Batman starts.

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