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Gifts for Star Wars Day

With The Mandalorian that breathes new life into the Star Wars franchise on Disney +, and The Rise of Skywalker that closes the epic with nine films last December, there is a lot for fans of a galaxy far, far away to still buzz around. But every Star Wars junkie knows that the real highlight of the year is May 4, Star Wars Day, to celebrate the franchise with new merchandise and surprise announcements. And if you want to buy new collectibles for yourself or a loved one for this occasion, we have a large selection below.

1. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order ; $ 38- $ 56

With the incredible power of a lightsaber at your side and all the power skills you can literally hope for, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is the ultimate piece of wish fulfillment for players who dreamed of chopping and cutting through the empire and playing blades against intergalactic villains. However, the game isn't just about pushing buttons: players must also explore planets, search for collectibles, and solve puzzles. For the obsessive traditions out there, the story fills some of the gaps for all three film trilogies.

Buy: Amazon (PlayStation 4, Xbox One)

2. Yoda Lego; $ 1

There's little doubt that a 1771-piece Yoda set is an exercise in excess, but that's the attraction. From his wise eyes and shimmering green lightsaber to his gnarled yellowed toenails, LEGO has pinpointed every detail of the backward-speaking Jedi master, and for Star Wars fans who like to put a little bit of work into their collectibles, this is the set worth the $ 100 value. According to Wookieepedia, the real Yoda (well, the doll) is about 26 inches tall, so this 16-inch set isn't quite life-size, but it's more than big enough to be at the heart of every Star Wars display. [19659004] Buy: Amazon

3. Chewbacca slippers; $ 26- $ 30

Chewbacca may be a wild Wookiee warrior, but his fur looks pretty comfortable to wrap up in. The pop culture obsessives in Bioworld have to agree because they took this flowing Kashyyykian hair and twisted it into a pair of extra cozy slippers to laze around in the house in winter.

Buy: Amazon

4. Cell phone cases; $ 37- $ 56

These cell phone cases from OtterBox are characterized by their simplicity. The company's reduced designs by Boba Fett, Stormtrooper and Darth Vader are bold without being crowded or overwhelming. And their R2-D2 case has a little retro charm. These cases fit a variety of iPhone models, including iPhone 7Plus / 8 Plus, iPhone Xs and iPhone XR.

Buy: Otter Box

5. Star Wars Art: Ralph McQuarrie ; $ 132

George Lucas may have been the man who worded the original Star Wars script on paper, but someone had to figure out what all these protocol droids, stormtroopers, and jaws would actually look like on the screen. Fortunately, Lucas had the artist Ralph McQuarrie, who decades ago visualized his quirky space in the west and brought characters like C-3PO, Darth Vader and a whole fleet of vehicles and planetary systems to life. This book reflects McQuarrie's magnificently painted contributions to the Star Wars lore, from the early concepts that remained on the cutting room floor to the more definitive versions that we would see in the movies. If the book is outside your price range, Amazon also offers a collection of postcards featuring McQuarrie's Star Wars art. You can order a box of 100 here.

Buy: Amazon

6. Star Wars: The Original Topps ; $ 20

Trading cards may not have the relevance they once had, but for Star Wars fans who couldn't wait to go pack by pack, hoping for a rare Darth Vader or an overly excited C-3PO To achieve that unique experience still needs to be replicated. This book contains high-quality reprints of the front and back of all 330 cards as well as the 55 special stickers from the original Star Wars line which was produced in the years & # 39; 77 and & # 39; 78 by the trading card juggernaut Topps. This tiny but powerful topic of conversation is far more budget-friendly than the prestigious art books on the market and offers a lot of vintage wonders. Once you've completed the original, you can grab books with the maps of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi .

Buy It: Amazon

7. Slave I LEGO set; $ 120

Although it is only for a few moments in Empire Strikes Back Boba Fett's slave I-ship has a unique design (it looks kind of like a steam iron!), Which is one of the franchise's best the last 40 years have remained. And with this 1007-piece LEGO set, you can build your own version of the dreaded Bounty Hunter's vehicle, including Han (in and out of carbonite) minifigures, Princess Leia, Zuckuss (for you hardcore fans out there) and Boba yourself can even open and close the hold to meet all your smuggling needs.

Buy: Amazon

8. Star Wars monopoly ; $ 27

It's the classic Monopoly but with Darth Vader, Han Solo, C-3PO, and more than tokens and X-wings and tie-fighters as homes and hotels. It also includes references to all three Skywalker saga trilogies to keep pace with the more modern Star Wars lore.

Buy: Amazon

9. Death star cheese board; $ 45

Break out this swing-up Death Star cheese board for your next swanky dinner party to reveal stainless steel utensils designed to cut and serve your favorite brie or manchego.

Buy: ShopDisney

10. Star Wars Sugar Skull Socks; $ 17

There are many Star Wars socks to choose from, but how cool are these pairs based on the sugar skulls from Día de Muertos (or Day of the Dead) Mexican tradition? These colorful and elaborately designed socks are a bit off the beaten path – in a good way.

Buy: Amazon

11. Infant. Yoda. Everything.

We wouldn't be sure if we didn't mention the most popular new Star Wars character of the past 20 years: Baby Yoda. This little green bundle of kindness absolutely made The Mandalorian a sensation, so of course there was a truckload of goods that went with it. There are plush toys and full-size animatronic dolls to pre-order, along with Funko Pops and lots of t-shirts and accessories that are available now.

Buy: Amazon, ShopDisney

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