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Gifts for “friends” fans Dental floss

More than 16 years after the last episode aired Friends is still one of the most popular sitcoms – and every day new fans discover the legendary 90s series, be it through reps that run all day on TV or by streaming the show on the new HBO Max service. That means you either have one Friends Fan in your life for whom you want to buy a surprise – or just want to treat yourself. In any case, here are some of our favorites Friends Gifts.

1. Friends Box; $ 36 per box

If you are looking for one Friends Gift that keeps going, you found it. The Friends The CultureFly Subscription Box offers a variety of goodies every quarter, the content of which depends on a particular season of the successful TV show. Each box contains cool collectibles and signatures that you cannot find anywhere else, such as a plush version by Marcel or a fleece blanket by Central Perk.

Buy it: CultureFly

2. Monica̵
7;s door pool float; $ 30

If you are a true one Friends Fan, you know how necessary this pool float is. This float has the shape of Monica’s purple apartment door and is over 30 cm long. It has a peephole that is more than just an on-screen decoration. It actually works and makes you feel more like a Geller than ever.

Buy it: Amazon

3. Central Perk Ceramic Mug; $ 21

Central Perk is the epicenter of the Friends Universe, so it’s only fitting to commemorate the gang’s home with this 24-ounce coffee mug, which should contain enough Java to take you through an entire episode.

Buy it: Toynk

4. “PIVOT!” T-shirt; $ 23- $ 27

One of Ross’ less worthy moments came during a failed attempt to get a huge couch down a narrow staircase with Rachel and Chandler serving as helpers (although they really could have used the incredibly strong Monica). Now you can relive the infamous “pivot”! Scene with this bespoke shirt by Hot Topic with an angry Ross front and center.

Buy it: Explosive topic

5. Smelly cat face mask; $ 10

For all die-hard Smelly Cat fans out there, this is the perfect gift for 2020. Now you can stay safe while wearing the pandemic Friends– Inspired merch with style. The mask is available in standard and double fold versions. TeePublic donates a medical mask for every mask purchased.

Buy it: TeePublic

6. Friends Lip balm; $ 9

They may not taste like a latte, but they do Friends-thought lip balms are still authentic collectibles for fans of the series. Modeled on Central Perk To-Go cups, the balms are available in strawberry or vanilla flavors and are only 1.75 inches tall. This makes them perfect for stowing in a handbag, backpack or glove box.

Buy it: Amazon

7. Friends Interesting game

Do you remember Chandler’s middle name? How about Rachel biting her teeth in season 4? This quiz game contains 342 questions covering topics from all 10 seasons of the show. And while the rules are simple, there is a requirement: they must be one Friends Fanatics to be one step ahead.

Buy it: Amazon

8. Central Perk neon light; $ 40

What better statement could it possibly be for one Friends Fan? This luminous Central Perk sign is at home as a night light in the kitchen, in the living room or simply in a bedroom. No matter where this neon light is placed, it will surely enliven the place.

Buy it: Entertainment earth

9. Friends Novelty quote socks; $ 17

This comfortable and colorful Friends Socks come in packs of 5 and each have a different slogan and graphic, so you can choose the perfect pair depending on your mood. Do you feel loving? Go with the warm and blurry “You are my lobster.” Not in the mood? Then choose the classic “We were on a break!”

Buy it: Toynk

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