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Get winter fashion deals during Amazon Prime Day 2020

Amazon Prime Day 2020 is almost over, but there are still plenty of great deals on offer, from tech to electric toothbrushes. Check out some of our favorites below.

1. Apple AirPods with charging case; $ 115 (Save $ 44)

This is one of the most notable offerings on Prime Day, and that’s because Apple products don’t often go on sale in the first place. These AirPods have a 4.7-star rating and are perfect for anyone looking to escape into their own little world of music, podcasts, or e-books.

Buy it: Amazon

2. Echo Dot Third Generation; $ 18 (Save $ 31)

This is just an incredibly low price for the versatile Echo Dot. With this tiny device, you can listen to music, news, podcasts, and lots of other content. Best of all, however, you can connect it to your other compatible devices to control them using voice commands through the speaker. The future, as they say, is now.

Buy it: Amazon

3. Amazon Fire Tablet 1
0; $ 80 (Save $ 70)

This is one of the best tablet values ​​out there, and you will likely never get a lower price for it. It’s perfect for watching streaming services like Netflix and Prime Video in bed, but it can also be used for surfing the web, accessing an e-book (or comics), or as a guide to video recipes in the kitchen.

Buy it: Amazon

4. Kindle Paperwhite 32 GB; $ 105 (Save $ 55)

Kindles are the leading e-book readers out there, and this 32GB model should give you plenty of room to fill your own virtual bookshelf. And now, if you’re more interested in audiobooks, just plug in headphones and get started.

Buy it: Amazon

5. iRobot Roomba Robot Vacuum; $ 200 (Save $ 120)

You can’t go wrong with iRobot’s 4.3-star Roomba. This robotic vacuum cleaner is ideal for cleaning crumbs, pet hair and other rough spots from hard floors and carpets. And as soon as the 90-minute battery is empty, it automatically returns to the charging station.

Buy it: Amazon

6. Sony noise canceling headphones; $ 88 (Save $ 112)

Perfect for working in your home office, these Sony noise-canceling headphones are available at the lowest price in months. Not only do you get great sound quality and noise cancellation, but the battery lasts 35 hours before it needs to be charged.

Buy it: Amazon

7. Oral-B Pro 7000 SmartSeries Black Rechargeable Electronic Toothbrush; $ 80 (Save $ 67)

This electric toothbrush received a 4.6-star rating from Amazon users who praised it for its ease of use and its ability to clean their teeth regularly and thoroughly. This model even connects to an app on your phone to give you brushing feedback. It’s like being verbally abused by your dentist, but without the sizable bill afterwards.

Buy it: Amazon

8. The Last of Us Part II;; $ 40 (Save $ 20)

The Last of Us Part II I just came out on PlayStation 4 a few months ago, but now that game of the year contender has already dropped to $ 40. If you loved the first one – or are a fan of a show like that the Walking Dead– You need this visceral game in your collection.

Buy it: Amazon

9. Video Video Doorbell Pro Ring; $ 170 (Save $ 80)

This simple home security product plugs directly into your standard doorbell and turns it into a camera so you can see who’s coming and going through an app on your phone.

Buy it: Amazon

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