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Get ready: Articles about Virus Denier Regrets are coming

Rich people, who are financially involved in the lucrative world of horse prostitution, will use every drop of their influence to manipulate the frightened and vulnerable poor and to fight for them. This causes tons of ignorant shit wrapped in American flags to take to the streets singing about how they'd rather die than give up their God-given right to prostitute their horses – an animal they do do not own and one thing you only learned about it seven minutes ago.

Over time, a handful of them will recognize the mistake of their path. Just as this moment of clarity begins, a journalist will jump out of the bush and ask if the person wants to be the subject of an article about people who regret how stupid they were to believe something that should have been obvious from the Internet . Like this article about a man who thought the COVID 1

9 pandemic was a bastard until he and his wife got it and they are now on a ventilator.

This is a pre-made article topic that journalists can get out of a big dust. Discount containers full of ideas as soon as they put dented soup cans and several DVD copies of Juwanna Mann aside. This is only the first time that we have encountered anything. We'll see a lot of it over the next few years as more states open up and more and more old people call tyranny to protest the continued closure of gyms where they have apparently never been in their lives.

  Still the best film about a man who does drag to become a female basketball star who has ever been shot. Warner Bros. Still the best film about a man who does drag to become a female basketball star who has ever been shot.

This line-line hacky journalistic trope is the by-product of an age that appears to be particularly fearful and lack critical thinking skills. You cannot allow journalists to write it. You have done everything to warn people of the risks. They have interviewed every specialist they can. You have written one guide after the other, which is filled with life-saving tips such as "Just wear a damn mask, Christ".

But these people are still out there and willingly preparing for a regrettable Mea Culpa article in which others like them are asked to drop him now before they too prostitute their horses. Googling "Trump Repentance Articles" produces tons of these things from a few years ago. Regretful articles and the genre "interviewing Trump supporters in small towns" are infections of their own that only spread in cramped, poorly ventilated newsrooms.

I think the topics in these articles don't read the news enough to have seen them. This premise has happened hundreds of times. Or maybe they think they're immune to a change in the heart. Like teenagers who swear that I will be extremely in love with Korn well into my 80s, these older people really believe that they are insensitive to the influence of outside their bladders. Then they realize too late that their cultural bubbles are really bad at keeping viruses away, but they're great at hiding all the good advice that might have kept them from getting infected.

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