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George A. Romero & # 39; Night of the Living Dead & # 39; movie facts

If you've seen Field of Dreams you probably have a strong opinion on it. While some are moved by his fantastic and heartfelt story of personal salvation, others refer to him as silly and silly, or as a "male jerk in his best shape," as Richard Corliss of TIME Magazine once infamously said. However, the Oscar-nominated film, which debuted on May 5, 1989, is still spoken 30 years after its release.

. 1 Field of Dreams based on a book called Shoeless Joe.

Field of Dreams The author and director Phil Alden Robinson had W.P. Kinsellas Shoeless Joe since the book was first published in 1

982. Despite the repeated insistence of 20th Century Fox over the years that the story is not commercial enough to be turned into a movie, Robinson continued to work on a script for it. Finally, Robinson and producers Lawrence and Charles Gordon sold the screenplay to Universal. Shoeless Joe evolved from a short story.

Before Shoeless Joe there was the 20-page short story "Shoeless Joe Jackson Comes to Iowa," the W.P. Kinsella wrote an anthology. When Larry Kessenich – an editor at Houghton Mifflin – read the synopsis, he turned to Kinsella and convinced him to turn the premise into a full-length novel. "I wrote back to say I needed guidance because I published four collections of short stories but never wrote a publishable novel," Kinsella said.

. 3 WP Kinsella took only nine months to write the book. [19659007] While Shoeless Joe was perhaps Kinsella's first novel, he finished it fairly quickly. With Kessenich's help, this new, expanded version of the story was completed within nine months.

. 4 Phil Alden Robinson was upset that the studio did not let him use the title Shoeless Joe .

When Field of Dreams was first shown to test the audience, it used the title Shoeless Joe The audience said it reminded them of a hobo. Robinson called Kinsella to inform him that the name of the film was changed to Field of Dreams . Kinsella agreed. as one of his own ideas for the title of his book was the dream field . It was apparently his publisher who urged Shoeless Joe .

. 5 Some characters from Shoeless Joe were omitted from the screenplay Field of Dreams .

In the novel Shoeless Joe we introduced Eddie "Kid". Scissions, the previous owner of Rays Farm. Scissons, an older Iowan, claims to be the "oldest living Chicago Cub," but Ray soon finds out he's not even fit for the team. "It was a wonderful subplot," said Robinson, "[but] we could not find a place for it." In the book J.D. Salinger the author Ray Kinsella tries to kidnap.

W.P. Kinsella's real original title for his book was The Abduction by J. D. Salinger . However, studio managers feared that poor publicity due to Salinger's threats to file a lawsuit could harm them, which is why the character was instead created by Terence Mann.

. 7 Ray Kinsella became a J.D. Named Salinger character.

W.P. Kinsella insists that he not only gave his own last name as Rays and named him a day. Kinsella was a surname that Salinger used in two stories: Richard Kinsella was an annoying classmate by Holden Caulfield in The Catcher In The Rye and Ray Kinsella was a character in the short story A Young Girl in 1941 without waist . The idea was that a Salinger creation would appear in front of its creator and bring it to a ball game.

. 8 An outfield fence was considered for Field of Dreams but never built.

Here's another difference between Kinsella's novel and his Hollywood adaptation. "There is a fence in the book with a door separating the ball field from the corn field, and we have drawn walls and fences," Robinson said in a conversation with sports writers Stephen C. Wood and J. David Pincus. "I asked," Why would he build a fence? "And then the corn became a wall."

. 9 Kevin Costner was not initially considered for Field of Dreams because he had just been in Bull Durham. Kevin Costner was the first actor who came to mind Robinson to play Ray. but he had just starred in Bull Durham another baseball movie. A senior executive of Universal prompted Costner to read the script anyway, and he chose it because he thought it was related to It's a Wonderful Life .

10th W. P. Kinsella and his wife almost appeared in Field of Dreams .

Kinsella and his wife were in the crowd for a scene of a PTA meeting shot in a gym in Farley, Iowa. "My wife and I were part of the audience in the PTA scene," Kinsella later said. "We were trapped there for a full day of hot reps, and we never appeared in the final cut."

. 11 Ben Affleck and Matt Damon were extras in Field of Dreams .

Damon was 17 years old and Affleck became 16 in the summer of 1988 when the film was filmed on location for the scenes at Fenway Park. More than a decade later, Affleck played a starring role in Robinson's The Sum of All Fears . He reportedly told Robinson on the first day of shooting: "Nice to work with you again."

12. In Field of Dreams there is a Watergate Easter egg.

Walking through the streets of Chisholm, Minnesota, Ray discovers an advertising poster for Richard Nixon in a shop window. Guess what can be seen directly behind it? A selection of tape recorders. "I thought it was so smart, but in film you really can not see [the recorders]," said Robinson in 2013. However, they are clearly visible in digital editions of the film as a tag.

. 13 The person who spoke "The Voice" from "Field of Dreams" to Ray is still a mystery.

For years it was rumored that the voice belonged to Ray Liotta, who played Shoeless Joe Jackson. Kinsella wrote that he was told it was actually Ed Harris, Amy Madigan's husband (Madigan played Ray's wife Annie).

"Which is funny that some people believed they had uncovered it and misunderstood it," Robinson said in June 2019. "I'll read people who say," Well, I happen to know it's like this , "And I ask," Oh no, it is not! It's a big mystery, and I like it. "The voice is officially recognized as being played by himself.

[14] In a deleted scene from Field of Dreams Ray is checked for her hearing.

Before Ray obeys the mysterious voice that speaks to him, he tries to find a logical explanation: "I … had a scene where he goes to an ear specialist's hearing Deadline footage was wound up on the floor of the editing room.

15. People regularly quote Field of Dreams mos t famous line.

The actual quote reads: " If you build it, it will come, "not" If you build it, they will come . "It is a common mistake.In the 100 best film quotes of all times by AFI, the line ranked 39th

16. The grass was field for of Dreams painted green.

Filmed on a real cornfield diamond and baseball in Dyersville, Iowa, a year-long drought has led to the need for some cosmetic rework. The dying grass was covered with some green plant dye and latex lawn paint.

17th James Earl Jones & # 39; s wife told him that his speech "People are coming" would never be final.

It was James Earl Jones & # 39; A woman who persuaded him to take on the role of Terence Mann, even though she warned him that "A long speech about baseball will never be in the movie, but on the floor of the editing room."

18th James Earl Jones rejoined a former Broadway co-star when he shot Field of Dreams . [19559009] As early as 1958, Jones made his Broadway debut in a theatrical production of Sunrise in Campobello . One of his comrades in this show was Anne Seymour, who portrayed the Chisolmer newspaper woman in Field of Dreams . This should be her last role as she died shortly before the release of the film. "It was nice to have that moment with Anne," Jones said in 2019 opposite the Des Moines Register .

19th Moonlight Graham is a real person.

Kinsella used Archibald Moonlight Graham's true life story for his book, except that the real Graham game took place in June 1905 rather than the last day of the 1922 season, like Burt Lancaster's character in the movie. The author found Graham's name in a baseball encyclopedia, which he received as a Christmas present, and decided that the name was better than anything he could ever devise. In real life, after answering a newspaper ad, Graham became the beloved city doctor of Chisholm, Minnesota.

20th Moonlight Graham's on-screen uniform in Field of Dreams is a bit anachronistic.

Late in the movie, a young Graham enters the field in an orange-black New York Giants jersey. This is not exactly timely: The Giants wore these uniform colors until 1933 – long after Graham's career as MLB.

21st Jimmy Stewart was the first choice to star in Field of Dreams Moonlight Graham.

Jimmy Stewart passed on the role. Burt Lancaster himself did not "understand" it at first, but a friend convinced him to take the role. In Roger Ebert's four-star review of the film, he said Field of Dreams was "the kind of film in which Frank Capra could have directed and starred James Stewart."

22nd Field of Dreams quotes Moonlight Graham's current obituary.

When the real Graham died in 1965, Veda Ponikvar – the founder of the Chisolm Free Press and Tribune – wrote a rousing tribute. "There were times when kids could not afford glasses, milk or clothes," Ponikvar said at the time. "Never before has a child been denied the essentials because Dr. Graham was. Without fanfare or advertising, the glasses or the milk or the ball playing cards found their way into the child's pocket. In Field of Dreams (19459003) Anne Seymour recites these lines word for word] 23. Field of Dreams was Burt Lancaster's last motion picture.

Academy Award winner Burt Lancaster was 74 years old when he directed Field of Dreams . After a few TV movie jobs, Lancaster retired from acting. He died in 1994.

24. Field of Dreams was Gaby Hoffmann's first film.

Gaby Hoffmann, the daughter of Andy Warhol's superstar Viva Auder Hoffmann and soap actor Anthony Herrera, played Rays daughter Karin at the age of six. More recently, you may have seen them in Transparent or Girls .

25th The shooting schedule for Field of Dreams was based on the height of the corn.

The corn had to be Kevin Costner's size (he's listed as 6 "1") or higher when the voice spoke for the first time With a thumbs-up from the state of Iowa, the filmmakers dammed a nearby creek, To make sure that the grain has enough water It worked almost too well When Costner first heard, "If you build it, it will come," he had to go on a platform-high platform just in case The curbing of the creek failed, was prepared by fake corn to be shipped from Asia. [194559004] Field of Dreams Powers-That-Be in another Kevin Costner movie.

The production of Tony Scott's Revenge was repeatedly postponed while Costner and the cast and crew of Field of Dreams were working with the Vegetation A producer threatened to sue the actor until it was agreed that Costner with work on Revenge tw o days after Field of Dreams was wrapped. Revenge made less than $ 16 million at the box office, while Field of Dreams grossed more than $ 64 million.

27th Field of Dreams The composer James Horner was moved to tears by a rough cut of the film.

Before the composer James Horner, the musical master behind Titanic and Braveheart agreed to the score Field of Dreams Robinson gave him a private test screening. "He looked at that early," Robinson said of a DVD bonus feature. "We showed him the movie and when the lights came on, he got up and left the room." At first Robinson was depressed and thought Horner hated the movie. Moments later, the Oscar winner, who died in 2015, returned "with tears in his eyes" and agreed to accept the job.

28th Field of Dreams Star Ray Liotta has never seen the movie before.

Although Ray Liotta was told that Field of Dreams is a great movie, he still has to see it for himself. Liotta's mother was ill when she made the film he mentally associated with the film.

29th Ray Liotta considered the screenplay Field of Dreams "silly".

It was not until the actor read the script a few times and read the book Shoeless Joe that it became more meaningful to him.

30th Former USC baseball coach Rod Dedeaux was a consultant for Field of Dreams .

The USC Trojans Men's Baseball team won 11 national championships under Dedaux, who died in 2006. While Field of Dreams was in production, he and Don Buford (a veteran of the league) helped the actors refine their playful skills. Some of them did not need much support: According to ESPN's Jeff Merron, Dedeaux felt that Costner was "good enough to play at USC."

31st Ray Liotta could not hit the left-hander well enough for Field of Dreams .

The shoeless Joe Jackson hit the left-hander and threw the right-handed man, but in the film Liotta plays him as right-handed. Liotta trained with professional baseball coaches for a month to beat left-handers like his character, but that was not good enough for director Robinson. Liotta claimed Robinson said it was okay if the eyelash was not historically correct, although the actor regrets to this day that he has not found a way to make it work.

32nd Joe Jackson and Ty Cobb agreed in real life.

Although they are among the first people to be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame, legendary Tire "Ty" Cobb of Detroit Tigers never turns up in Ray's magical park. "None of us could stand the son of a bitch when we were alive, so we told him to stay that way," says Shoeless Joe in the film. Nevertheless, the two players really liked each other. Once, after both retired, Cobb said to Shoeless Joe, "I'll tell you how well I remember you … Whenever I thought I was a good batsman, I would stop and take a close look . " Then I knew that I could endure an improvement. "After all that was reported, Jackson was visibly touched.

33rd W. P. Kinsella described observing Field of Dreams as "colossal boredom".

"Colossal Boredom" was described by Kinsella Iowa in the summer of 1988. The author said his daughter had more fun because she was involved in "a little romance" with Liotta.

34th W. P. Kinsella gave Field of Dreams four out of five stars.

It lost a potentially perfect rating because Kinsella did not believe that Timothy Busfield's shot was vicious enough, and that Gaby Hoffmann did not look like Ray and Annie's child.

35th A few months before his retirement, Vin Scully read Terrence Mann's cult speech from Field of Dreams (19459004). Scully began 1950 to call Brooklyn Dodgers games. The next 67 years remained the transmitter at the club. It includes the move to Los Angeles, all of the franchise's six previous World Series championships and a total of nearly 10,000 games. On May 26, 2016 – during his final season at the announcer's stand – Scully got on the nerves of fans by using the classic monologue "People will come" by Field of Dreams in a viral MLB video recited.

36. To get the last scene in Field of Dreams (19459003) running, the citizens of Dyersville, Iowa, agreed to a city-wide blackout. To film the last scene of the film, 1500 3000 residents of Iowa cars were agreed to participate. In the city of Dyersville, Iowa, there was a forced power outage, which included other baseball games and the local train. The instructions of the director were broadcast on a local radio station. One was that the drivers showed and dipped their main beam while driving, making it look like there was more movement than it actually had.

37th Dwier Brown, who played Kevin Costner's father in Field of Dreams feared he would drop the ball during the first catching match.

The scene in which Ray plays with his father Catching had to be filmed A magical hour, 15 minutes after sunset, leaving little room for error for actor Dwier Brown, who worked with a rock-hard vintage catcher glove. He is proud that he never dropped it.

38th Dwier Brown shot Field of Dreams right after his father's funeral.

He returned in time to play with Costner Catching. It helped him to access the necessary emotions.

. 39 To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Field of Dreams (19459003), Kevin Costner and his sons played catching in the now iconic field. (19659007) On June 13, 2014, Costner threw a ball around with his sons Hayes and Cayden. (At that time, the boys were 5 and 7 years old.) This was part of a three-day festival that included an on-site screening of the film, a Q & A session moderated by Bob Costas, and a concert with Costner's own band, Modern West.

40th The owner of the farm, who was featured in Field of Dreams suggested his wife on the baseball field.

Don Lansing met his wife Becky on New Year's Eve 1995, when she made a pilgrimage to visit the baseball field Field of Dreams . When he proposed the marriage, he did so on the first basis.

41. The field still attracts about 100,000 visitors per year.

When Don and Becky Lansing offered the property for sale in 2010, it was purchased by Go the Distance Baseball, an organization that made the property even more accessible to visitors and fans of the movie with a regular list of special events. Today, 30 years after the film's first release, an estimated 100,000 people make their way to the baseball field each year.

42nd You can rent the farmhouse Field of Dreams and the baseball field

. In 2018, Go the Distance Baseball teamed up with Booking.com to spend the night in the farmhouse shown in Field of Dreams reality. Guests can book stays of one night or longer. And while they need to share the field with the tourists while it's open to the public, you're welcome to arrange your own private picnic on the centerfield once the crowd has subsided.

43rd The White Sox and Yankees will play a regular game in 2020 near the Field of Dreams location.

Scheduled for August 13, 2020, this game will be the first major league baseball game ever to be played in Iowa. For the big event, a temporary stadium with 8,000 places is being built next to the park where Field of Dreams was filmed. The White Sox have been named "home team".

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