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Funny Gag Gifts that you can buy at Amazon

Buying gifts for a friend or loved one can be stressful, but a funny gag gift can bring some recklessness to any occasion. Whether you are looking for the perfect funny birthday present or just a prank, we have gift ideas for a range of different types of humor – and they prove that there is no sweeter gift than the gift of laughter.

. 1 Thor's Hammer Bottle Opener

This model of Thors Hammer will not give you any control over thunder and lightning, but it will make bottle caps short: it is equipped with an opener at one end and a chain to another simple one mounting. It comes in silver and bronze, with the famous line "Who holds this hammer, if he is worthy, will possess the power of Thor," emblazoned on the side. And because it's pretty easy, you do not need the strength of a demigod to use it.

Buy Now: Amazon ($ 1


2. Burrito Blanket

The Burrito Blanket is available in a variety of styles and sizes, making it the perfect gift for foodies in your life. Curling up in one of these round figures with tortilla is a hype – and since they are made of extra soft flannel, it's a pleasant experience to start them!

Buy It: Amazon ($ 25) [19659002] 3. UFO Plant Holder

This UFO shaped container contains small green indoor plants instead of small green men. Hang the small mothership with the silver cord on the ceiling – or support it at ground level if you want. With a width of 5.25 inches and a height of 4.5 inches, it is the ideal size for cacti, jade plants and other popular greens.

Buy Now: Amazon ($ 18)

4. How to tell if your cat is about to kill you

You love your cat – but do you really trust your cat? How to tell if your cat is about to kill you shows you all the warning signs that your favorite cat might actually be a tiny killer. Full of witty comics by Matthew Inman (The Oatmeal), this book is a twisted little gift for cat lovers with a sense of humor.

Buy: Amazon ($ 15)

5. Golden Girl Coloring Book

You will not make any Golden Girl coloring book gag gift to your friends, but they will definitely make you laugh. Bring crayons to your friend and watch them come to life with trouser suits and gourmet cheesecakes from Rose, Blanche, Dorothy and Sophia.

Buy Now: Amazon ($ 12)

Toilet Coffee Cup

Do you feel flushed? Let yourself be pampered with a sip of your favorite drink from this coffee cup shaped gag gift. It contains more than 15 ounces of liquid and is almost guaranteed to make your employees a double take.

Buy Now: Amazon ($ 13)

7. The World's Smallest Vacuum

This gag gift really sucks. Although it is slightly longer than 5 inches, it is a functional vacuum cleaner that is perfect for confined spaces. Just plug it in and soak up all the crumbs that have mysteriously appeared on your desk. The mini vacuum cleaner is also a great tool for cleaning keyboards – and should make a lot of laughter.

Buy: Amazon ($ 14)

8. Shit Emoji Chia Pet

Look at the sneaky smile on the face of this Chia Pet. OK, maybe it's not the puppy or kitten chia pet you're used to, but this pooping emoji pet should definitely be a challenger if you're looking for the best gag gift for a friend Toilet humor considered high art.

Buy: Amazon ($ 17)

9. "Cat Bods" Toy Box

Like moths attracted to a flame, cats can not resist cartons. But they will never find a cooler than this little beauty. Four exterior walls are adorned with dynamic images of daring astronauts, muscle-bound bodybuilders, and other creators. Carefully placed holes will make your cat a part of these scenes as it pierces the head. Have a camera ready and enjoy the show.

Buy Now: Amazon (9 USD)

10. Unisex Bass Sandals

Talk about going against the tide. Vividly colored, wide-jawed fish sandals are unlike anything you'll likely see on the beach (or really anywhere). Just like real fish, their sizes and colors vary.

Buy Now: Amazon ($ 18- $ 22)

11. Pooping Pooches 2020 WalL Calendar

It's just the best friend of the person doing his business, but now you can hang it right on your wall. This pooping pooches calendar is just unusual enough to bring a smile to any animal lover's face. And they'll be even more thankful if you tell them that $ 1 from every calendar sold is donated to the Maui Humane Society to help animals in need. So get a gag gift for a good cause.

Buy: Amazon (17 USD)

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