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France's first official Magic Academy

Amidst the pre-pubertal drama and elementary school insecurity was a shimmering point of hope and happiness: the Scholastic Book Fair. Just taking a few minutes off your regular school day to stroll through the temporary bookshelves seemed as enchanting as going through the closet to Narnia.

For people who pursue this special kind of ecstasy into their adult lives. We have some big news. Next month, Penguin Random House will host an adult book fair. The Pop Insider reports that the event will take place on Saturday, November 23, at Lightbox in New York and you need to be at least 21 years old to attend.

It is not intended to be an exact replica of the Book Fair from your own school days, but a full-fledged recreation of your entire elementary school experience. The electronic invitation promises pop culture trivia, Mad Libs, a "cumbersome school photo booth", spun art, snap bracelets, Mr. Sketch markers, cubbies and "stern middle school flashbacks". Of course there will also be books for sale, although it is not clear whether the inventory will fallback series such as Junie B. Jones and The Magic Treehouse or just adult books [1

9659002] The event will feature some of Penguin Random House's most beloved authors. The list was not fully revealed, but Viking Books, an imprint of Penguin Random House, tweeted that its author John Hodgman will be there to promote his new book . Medallion Status .

Tickets cost $ 25 for an hour, or you pay $ 50 to stay the entire five hours. And your afternoon embracing your inner child benefits real children – Penguin Random House donates some of the ticket sales to Read Ahead, a non-profit organization that uses reading to help students learn lifelong social and emotional skills.

While The school book fair is still strongly represented in the schools, this does not apply to card catalogs, dodgeball or the like.

[h/t The Pop Insider]

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