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Food to try in Abu Dhabi – Festival like the Emiratis

A slowly prepared dish that is worth the wait. Rabbits are made from wheat and chicken. It is a special dish that you can find on any special occasion in Abu Dhabi. Even chefs at many resorts in Abu Dhabi know how to prepare this dish with love and care. As with any slow cooked meal, it takes a while for rabbits to come out to their perfection. You cook minced meat (usually chicken and sometimes other meat) in a saucepan with a little salt. Once the wheat is warm, add the meat and let it simmer for hours. The wheat cooks, absorbs the nutritious quality of the chicken and blows through the air with good smells. But rabbits don't stop cooking here. As soon as the meat has completely dissolved in the wheat, the cooks put the mixture in a clay pot and immerse it in the floor filled with hot coals. After a few hours in the ground, they dig out the meaty wheat and stir everything with a special wooden spoon. Next time you stay at a resort like Al Yamm Villa Resort on Anantara Sir Bani Yas, try rabbits.

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