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Florida women are weird and here are two news stories proving it

If these two stories do not convince you that Florida women are the craziest, then I do not know what that will be.

The first is about a woman who has farted, or so the guy standing next to her says. She did not want to be ashamed and that's exactly what happened.

She probably just wanted to admit it and said, "Sorry or something. But this woman has done something different.

She drew a knife against a man who complained about her fart, and she faces a serious attack. It all happened in the local discounter.

Shanetta Yvette Wilson, 37, accelerated as she waited on Sunday evening for the Dollar General in line. A customer nearby was upset and insulted and he and Wilson got into a fight, "in relation to the loudly farting defendant".

The report from the Broward Sheriff's Office said that after the complaint Wilson had pulled out a small folding knife from her purse and told the victim that she would "gut" him while she was moving, as if she would attack him.

She was arrested and charged with a deadly weapon without killing intent for grievous bodily harm.

It's not clear if she has a lawyer. This is strange news. But is it as strange as the next story? You are the judge.

Imagine a road trip or a long drive in Florida for the first time. Imagine that.

You have to stop for a while during your journey. They stop in front of a rest area and see three Florida women who are naked and lazy.

Then the situation turns into a fast chase. When the police finally caught up with them, one of the ladies tried to attack the police with a baseball bat.

The bat was pink because of girls. This is what happened.

Someone reported seeing the women on Wednesday morning at a break of 75. They all chilled and hung naked.

When the police questioned them, they said they showered and air-dried. According to the women, they were with relatives but left after a fight.

They said they had nowhere else to shower, so they used soap and water and bathed on the lawn in front of the roadhouse. The women got dressed before talking to the police, but they left before the interrogation was over.

The soldiers located the car and tried to arrest one of the women. One of the other women purposely seemed to have driven the car against the officer.

At the same time, the third woman got out of the car with a pink baseball bat and tried to attack the officer. Her car drove off again and was pursued by the police.

They finally stopped the women with spike strips. The police collapsed in the windows and the women bandaged their arms so as not to be arrested.

The women were shocked with tasers before being arrested and taken to Pasco County Prison.

The three women were identified as Oasis Mcleod (18), Jeniyah Mcleod (19) and Cecilia Young (19). 19. They are now being charged with escaping the police, three charges of opposing the arrest, two charges of grievous bodily harm and three charges of indecent behavior.

There are so many weird stories that come out of that state, but they are two of the strangest, that's for sure. So, if you're in Florida soon, watch out for these Florida women! You never know what you will get.

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