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Born in Beirut, Keanu Reeves has been a staple of Hollywood since the mid-1980s, and has moved from early dramatic twists to films like River bank (1986) on action thrillers like speed (1994), The matrix (1999) and John Wick (2014) and an indelible performance as Theodore “Ted” Logan in the Bill & Ted Franchise.

Read on to learn more about the actor, including the reasons he believed he was sent to “movie jail” for a decade.

1. Keanu Reeves was interested in hockey as a child.

Reeves was born in 1964 to a half Hawaiian, half Chinese father and an English mother. He grew up in Toronto, where he was amazed by the appeal of ice hockey. He played throughout school and was even an assistant coach at a hockey club. There Reeves had the opportunity to try out for the Windsor Spitfires, an ice hockey team in the Ontario Hockey League. Reeves turned it down, believing that his future lay in performance. He later portrayed a professional hockey player in 1

986 alongside Patrick Swayze and Rob Lowe Young blood.

2. Alice Cooper always came to Keanu Reeves house.

Reeves’ mother was a costume designer, which likely contributed to his interest in the performing arts. He said Us In 1995 she made him some elaborate Halloween costumes – Dracula, Batman, Cousin Itt – and often let some of her customers into the house. Among them: Alice Cooper. “I remember he brought fake vomit and dog poop to terrorize the housekeeper,” Reeves said. “He’d hang out, a normal guy.”

3. Keanu Reeves almost renamed himself “Chuck Spadina”.

When Reeves first came to Los Angeles in the 1980s, he found that some casting agents refused to invite him to audition because his first name (which means “cool breeze over the mountains”) was difficult to pronounce and apparently too exotic. To overcome this hurdle, Reeves instead began with “KC Reeves”, “Chuck Spadina” and “Page Templeton III”. Reeves eventually gave up the practice because he went to audition and still told them his real name.

4. Keanu Reeves may have accidentally married Winona Ryder.

During filming in the 1992s Bram Stoker’s DraculaReeves and Winona Ryder, who played Jonathan and Mina Harker respectively, appear in a scene in which their characters are getting married. Ryder later pointed out that director Francis Ford Coppola was using a real priest on the scene and that both actors took their vows, which meant they could actually be married. Coppola agreed with this theory, although it is not known whether the priest used their character names or the actors’ real names during the filming.

5. Keanu Reeves agreed to defer his salary to bring other actors into his films.

Reeves has worked with an impressive list of actors throughout his career, including Al Pacino (1997) The devil’s lawyer), Gene Hackman (2000s) The replacements) and Jack Nicholson (2003) There has to be something). At least in the first two cases, he willingly postponed his compensation so that the productions could free up part of their budget to afford the actors. “Is that all I have to do?” he remembered asking producers. “Sure! What else do I have to do? Because I’ll do it!”

6. Keanu Reeves refuses Speed ​​2 put him in “film prison” for 10 years.

After the success of the 1994s speedWhen Reeves portrayed a police officer trying to save the lives of people trapped on a bus that was about to explode if it dropped below 50 mph, the studio was understandably excited for a sequel. Reeves was making the action film in 1996 at the time he was shown the script Chain reaction and became increasingly suspicious of roles in which he “ran and jumped” for no reason. He has turned Speed ​​2 A move that he believed led to a decade of “movie jail” with Fox offering him no other roles. Ultimately, the sequel was made; Reeves was replaced by Jason Patric, who starred with Sandra Bullock in 1997 Speed ​​2: cruise control. The film wasn’t well received and Reeves doesn’t seem to regret saying no. When he refused, he remembered telling director Jan de Bont, “You know, boats aren’t that fast.”

7. Keanu Reeves was booed backstage.

Reeves toured with his band Dogstar in the 1990s, who played what he once called “like folk music” or “folk thrash”. When they were invited to play Metalfest in Milwaukee, the band stood in sharp contrast to the heavier acts on the bill. Reeves remembered the crowd “throwing beer at us and telling us to get out of here and yelling,” You suck! “It was beautiful. It made me laugh.”

8. Keanu Reeves was tricked into appearing in The Observer.

In the 2000s The ObserverReeves plays against his typical screen friendliness as a serial killer in a cat and mouse game with a detective (James Spader). According to Reeves, he was actually lured into appearing in the film when a (presumably former) friend forged his signature on the contract. Discouraged by the prospect of proving it was a fake, he decided to make the film. “I couldn’t prove he did and I didn’t want to be sued, so I had no choice but to do the film,” he said.

9. Keanu Reeves plays a recurring role on a television show that you probably haven’t heard of.

It is not uncommon for movie actors to take on roles in one of the many prestigious television series that air on streaming and premium networks. However, Reeves seems to have taken a cautious approach to television and opted for a small recurring role in Swedish tails, an American and Scandinavian co-production about two private detectives from Sweden trying to make a living in Los Angeles. Reeves’ friend, actor Peter Stormare, is one of the stars. The comedy will air on the pop TV channel in the United States

10. Keanu Reeves has published books of his own poetry.

In 2011 Reeves worked with artist Alexandra Grant for Ode to happiness, a limited edition book of a poem by Reeves, accompanied by Grant’s illustrations for each line. The composition (“I’m drawing a hot mourning bath”) is aware of its revised approach, which Grant compared to an “adult children’s book”. The two have since worked on the 2016s shadow, a similar poetry and art project using photos by Reeves, and are now pursuing their own publishing imprint, X Artists’ Books, to feature titles with a visual aesthetic that are sold through art stores or an online subscription.

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