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Film Fact: Villains cannot have iPhones in films

Apple … they let you use iPhones in movies, but – and this is very important if you ever watch a mysterious movie – bad guys can't have iPhones in front of the camera.

So oh no, every single filmmaker that has an evil in their film who is supposed to be a secret who wants to kill me now. "


  Just try to give one to the villain, and Apple will close you as if you bought an iPhone more than 18 months ago. Hadrian / Shutterstock Just try Give one to the villain, and Apple will shut you down as if you were an iPhone that was bought over 1

8 months ago.

If what Johnson says is true, maybe he has every mystery film of the last one Ruined a decade, the hell he may have accidentally spoiled hundreds of upcoming films, and now we're imagining the producers of No Time To Die . Crawling to re-shoot a scene, in the Q James Bond explains that anyone who looks [19459] 005] how they use an iPhone actually uses a Samsung and that shouldn't affect whether Bond thinks they are work for Blofeld or Oh boy, could this also mean that films like Tangerine or Unsane that were made entirely with iPhones indicate that everyone is a villain? No, probably not, but our world is fluctuating. We have had to watch every single film very quickly since June 2007 and see if this claim is confirmed.

Of course, it is also quite possible that this master of the mystery is still playing around with us to obscure the plot of his upcoming . Knives Out continued. Watch the opening scene as Benoit Blanc hits his iPhone against the wall of a Best Buy and buys an Android. What could it mean ?!

Jordan Breeding also writes for a number of other people, the Twitter and has to be a good guy because he has an iPhone. On the other hand, it's a 7, so.

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