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Fender’s Jazzmaster guitar was hated by jazz musicians (but changed music history)

Even if you don’t play a guitar, you know Fender guitars. The Stratocaster and Telecaster signature models were favorites of guitarists of all genres back in the 1950s. You may know her as “the one Hendrix played” …

… or “the one who played Springsteen” or even “the one my ex-boyfriend had but played” is too kind a word to describe what he does “, depending on your musical tastes and life experiences . These guitars are everywhere.

Everywhere except in the hands of jazz players. Fender’s top models never quite fit the needs of jazz guitarists. Jazz players have traditionally preferred what is known as a semi-hollow guitar. See earlier Guitar amps weren’t that good at allThis is why jazz players used semi-hollow or hollow-bodied instruments because they were loud enough to support big bands with trumpets, saxophones, and trombones. This essentially codified the typical jazz sound as a richer, More Butter clay than abrasive distortion of rock and pop.

Also, jazz guitarists were rarely band leaders or were the focus of the music. Most of the time, as a jazz player, you should play soft chords while horn players howl. When it’s your turn to solo, everyone else stops and you are given a precious minute to shine. It is a completely different musical composition than for example a metal band.

Fender's Jazzmaster guitar was hated (but changed music history) by jazz musicians |  Man playing trumpet in a street band

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It’s the only case in music where the lead guitarist attracts fewer groupies than the guy with a trumpet.

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