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Favorite romantic comedies by state

Long after you stopped believing in magic, every big, swirling blizzard seems to have been thrown at your city by a winter wizard (or Frozen Frozen resident). ,

It's also pretty magical when those centimeters of stacked snowflakes add up to a message from your manager asking you not to come to the office. In southern states such as Georgia or Florida, only light dusting is sometimes required.

But even in these typically mild areas, there have been some serious snowstorms over the years, and House Method's David Cusick crunched the numbers to find out which record books were made. Using data from the National Environmental Information Centers, Cusick created a map listing the one-day record snow for each state.

Florida took last place with a 4-inch overall length that took place in Santa Rosa County on March 6, 1

954. About two years earlier, on January 14, 1952, Colorado was an incredible 76 inches – more than 3 inches per hour – a national record that has remained unchallenged for almost 70 years.

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But other states have come close. The snowstorm that hit Colorado in 1952 caused almost as much chaos in California, whose record was 75 inches from the same day. And Washington saw 70 inches of snow in November 1955, surpassing its 52-inch record of 1935 by a full 18 inches.

Although the states of the Midwest have earned a reputation for harsh, snowy winters, their one-day record snowfalls are surprisingly moderate. The Illinois and Indiana records are 24 and 26 inches, respectively, both slightly lower than the 30-inch snow day in Ohio in 1901. In 1993, North Carolina exceeded the Ohio record by 6 inches.

Overall condition one? Cusick has also created a map for this, which you can examine below.

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