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Facts about the TV show “Curb Your Enthusiasm”

On October 17, 1999, HBO aired a mockumentary special called Larry David: Curb your excitement. They liked it so much that they recorded it as a 10-part narrative series that premiered on October 15, 2000 with a slightly shortened title. Larry David has played a very honest – if somewhat exaggerated – version of himself for 10 seasons (with an officially confirmed 11th season), with every episode centered around him and upsetting someone. Here are some real facts about the improvised show.

1. Curb your enthusiasm“Larry David” is an “idealized” version of the real Larry David.

Sure, there are some obvious similarities between TV Larry and Real Larry, but David said so Rolling Stone that it wouldn̵

7;t be wise for him to be TV Larry all the time. “The character is really me, but I couldn’t possibly act like that,” he said. “If I had my Druthers I would be all the time, but you can’t. We always do things we don’t want to do, we never say what we really feel, and so this is an idealized version of how I want to be. As crazy as this person is, I could slip into those shoes now, but I would be arrested or hit or whatever. “

2. Curb your enthusiasmSome friends and family of Cheryl Hines lost the mockumentary format.

Larry David selected documentary filmmaker Robert B. Weide to direct the original Curb your enthusiasm Special (Willow stayed on as director and executive producer for most of the show), designed to capture David’s return to the stand-up comedy scene. Weide did not understand why David “wanted to torture himself so much”, but finally realized that “he wanted to face some old demons now that he had not invested anything”. David had already signed up with HBO to do a special for his stand-up, but it turned out to be more of a mockumentary than a documentary. As Weide explained, people who knew Cheryl Hines thought it was so to real. “She had friends in Florida who saw the show and was upset that Cheryl married a major television producer and they never got invited to the wedding.”

3. Cheryl Hines didn’t think she would be hired as Curb your enthusiasmis Cheryl David.

Hines’ background was improvising The Groundlings, and she had an inkling of who David was. “I wasn’t very stressed about the audition because I thought it wasn’t going to happen,” Hines said during a conversation at the Paley Center. Neither she nor her agent thought she was “right for the role”. At the time of her audition, Hines was working as the personal assistant to Rob Reiner’s family. Four hours after reading the part, she received a call saying she had won the role. “I know now that they were looking for a stranger, so it worked in my favor that I had absolutely nothing on my résumé,” she said.

4th Curb your enthusiasmCheryl David is Not based on Laurie David.

In an interview with Rolling StoneCheryl Hines said she didn’t meet Larry David’s former wife, Laurie, until after the show started production. “It was confusing to people because people were asking me what kind of research I did on Laurie before I started playing her. And I had to say I didn’t play it, ”said Hines. At one point, Hines asked Larry if she should hang out with Laurie, and David said “no”.

5. Any sequence of Curb your enthusiasm is based on an outline and no dialogue is ever written.

Curb your enthusiasm became a milestone due to its mostly improvised format. David wrote rough outlines for each episode and let the actors fill in the rest. “I’m writing the scenes where we know everything that’s going to happen,” David told NPR. “There’s an outline of about seven or eight pages and then we improvise it.”

“We roughly block the camera before we start filming, but I tell the actors to just ‘blah-blah’ the dialogue until the cameras roll,” explained Weide. “I’m afraid that if they make a wonderful piece of dialogue, they confidently try to hit the same mark as soon as we film and we will lose spontaneity.”

6. As a title Curb your enthusiasm has two meanings.

David titled the series Curb your enthusiasm as an ode to His field Ardor, which means people shouldn’t expect this to be anyone else His field. “Also, people should curb the enthusiasm in their lives,” said David time. “Always keep it. Not being is unattractive. It is inappropriate. “

7. Larry David didn’t want his Curb your enthusiasm To be marriage to happy.

“I want people to think we’re happy but not that happy,” David said during the Paley Center cast Q&A. “I don’t want to see anyone so happy because it makes me a little sick. I’m trying to find the balance that you believe in marriage, that they really like each other, but he really isn’t that happy. “David also admitted that his on-screen marriage and his real-life marriage were a mirror image of each other. “It is [the marriage] tempered a little by the kids in my real marriage. It’s a lot easier for me to play a man with no children … women are getting closer and closer. “

8. The “Mary, Joseph and Larry” episode of Curb your enthusiasm based on a true story

Cheryl Hines told Television program Her favorite episode of the series was the 2002 Christmas episode, in which her family visits her and Larry eats a cookie version of Baby Jesus. “When I was home in Florida, my family had made a nativity scene out of cookies, and everyone was going around saying, ‘Don’t eat Baby Jesus. ‘And I immediately called Larry and said, “If you were in my house now, you’d be eating baby Jesus and my family would go insane.” And then we started talking back and forth and he [loved it]. ”

9. Larry David didn’t want to be married Curb your enthusiasm if he weren’t married in real life.

In real life, Larry and Laurie David divorced in 2007, which he incorporated into the show: In seasons seven and eight, David separated from his wife and then divorced. “Larry works on a very subconscious level that even he is not aware of,” said Susie Essman Rolling Stone. “As an outsider, I can see that. He doesn’t want to analyze it, that’s not his personality, he’s not analytical, but I think that’s basically it. If he’s not married, he doesn’t want to be fictitiously married either. “

But Hines told the AV Club she thought the couple belong together. “Who else will love him? By the way, he’s very entertaining. “

10. Susie Essman is always talking Curb your enthusiasm Fans to go “f ** k” themselves.

Essman’s character, Susie Greene, has a bad mouth and regularly makes it a habit to feed Larry and her on-screen husband, Jeff (Jeff Garlin), with explosives. Essman explained to the Paley Center audience how fans kept coming up to them asking to be cursed. “My life has gotten extremely bizarre that people are just getting up to [me] wherever i am please ask me to tell them to fuck themselves. It’s like buying products and shaking a melon. “Call me a fat f ** k.” I’m not always in the mood. “During an interview with esquireEssman said, “People are visibly disappointed that when they meet me, I’m not screaming and crazy.”

11. Jeff Garlin thinks Curb your enthusiasmJeff Greene is a “sucker”.

During the Q&A at the cast’s Paley Center, Garlin alleged Larry forced him to play and produce the show against his will. Garlin also shared how he feels about his character Jeff Greene: “He’s an idiot. He’s not a good guy. He wants to be laid by anyone all the time and at all times. He wants to please his customers. That’s all he’s working on … I’m a decent guy so there’s something nice among them. I have no respect for this guy. He’s a sucker, that’s all. “

12th Curb your enthusiasm helped relieve a man arrested for murder.

In 2003, Juan Catalan was arrested for murdering a young girl despite vowing he couldn’t have been at the alleged crime scene because he was at a Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game with his daughter. Curb your enthusiasm Just filmed at the game that same day, and five months after Catalan was arrested, the raw footage from the shoot proved that Catalan was indeed where it claimed to be. In 2007, Catalan was awarded $ 320,000 in a lawsuit he filed against the City of Los Angeles and its law enforcement agency.

13. Larry David and Richard Lewis used to be childhood rivals.

In 2000, David came to Richard Lewis’ home and personally asked him to star on the show. But before they were friends, they were teenage rivals. The men attended a sports camp together when they were 12 years old and didn’t get along. “I despised the guy and he hated me,” said Lewis OK Weekly. “It was like Curb your enthusiasm, but at 12. “

The two men had forgotten each other until they reconnected a decade later when they both began to get up. “We then traced our childhood and then it hit me like a ton of stones! I said, “Ohhhh, you’re Larry David from this camp!” The likelihood of becoming best friends was so unique and so insane that it bound us forever. You can see that on Curb your enthusiasm. Ninety-nine percent I fight him because we do it in real life. “

14. In 2015, Jeff Garlin said there was a 51 percent chance of this Curb your enthusiasm would return.

At the 2015 TCA (Television Critics Association), Garlin said he would like to do more Curb your enthusiasm and prophesied that the chance that David would sign up for another season is 51 percent. “Larry David is so damn rich that he doesn’t have to do anything unless it’s good,” joked Garlin.

15. Larry David himself once set the odds for a ninth season of Curb your enthusiasm at 6-1.

At the end of 2014, David told Grantland“I think at the moment the odds would be against it, probably 6 to 1” and stated that he was not in the mood to do another episode “to wrap things up”. In 2015, Michael Lombardo, then HBO’s program president, saw Larry David and told The Hollywood Reporter that David pointed to a notebook and said he was working on a new season of Curb. “I don’t think it’s over [Larry’s] System, ”said Lombardo. “I think he would like something to say.”

In 2016, a ninth season of the series was officially lit green, and on July 10, 2017, HBO confirmed that the new season would begin October 1, 2017. Just two months later, in December 2017, a tenth season was confirmed. it premiered on January 19, 2020.

This was announced on June 30, 2020 Curb got the green light for another season – season 11. “Believe me, I’m just as upset about it as you,” David said of the decision. “One day I can only hope that HBO will come to my senses and give me the rejection I deserve.”

While the coronavirus pandemic has slowed production, the team is still hoping that season 11 will premiere in 2021.

This story has been updated for 2020.

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