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Facts about the 1980s flossing

In the 1980s, so many things were born that have become indispensable to our lives: PCs, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movies and two-pound cell phones. It was a strange, magical time that is still widely celebrated thanks to our obsession with nostalgia, but here are 80 things you may not know about the 1980s.

. 1 Toni Basil was 38 years old when she recorded "Mickey".

Thanks to the music video from 1

982, "Mickey" became a cheerleading anthem, even though her singer was more than a few years away from high school. It was originally called "Kitty," but the producers changed it so that it was a man.

. 2 Hacky bags were all the rage, but they hardly represented an invention of the 1980s.

Hacky sacks had a big moment in the 1980s, but they existed since 3000 BC. When the Chinese Emperor Wong Ti kicked a leather ball around it was filled with hair.

. 3 Casey Kasem has finished the cartoon Transformers because of a racist screenplay.

Legendary dj and voice actor Casey Kasem played Cliffjumper on the animated Transformers but he left the show over a racist script with an Arab character named Abdul, king of Carbombya. They still made the consequences.

. 4 Clark Kent helped designate the Walkman.

Sony called the Walkman after the Pressman sound recorder, which was popular in Superman. They originally called it Sound-About in the US and Stowaway in the UK.

. 5 Waterbeds were a very popular luxury item.

In 1987, 20 percent of all mattress sales were waterbeds. The waterbed market had a volume of $ 2 billion.

. 6 Roald Dahl had an existential crisis while writing Matilda .

Roald Dahl struggled to write the book-eating character because he seriously feared that books in general would become unpopular. Luckily for all of us he was wrong.

. 7 April 24 is "New Kids On The Block Day" in Massachusetts.

Michael Dukakis is famous for his defeat against George H.W. Bush in the presidential election in 1988, but people forget his major contributions to the story – such as the Declaration of April 24, 1989 on "New Kids On the Block Day" in Massachusetts.

. 8 Luke Skywalker was almost trained by Buffy.

Yoda Buffy was named in early drafts for The Empire Strikes Back . Jedi and vampire slayer?

. 9 You could buy the phone from your favorite show.

If you wanted a lip-shaped phone in 1984 like this, the D.J. If you had Full House it would cost you $ 70. Nobody today knows the price of a landline phone – and many people will never get the thrill of chatting with a hamburger or banana phone, a Mickey Mouse phone, or one of those transparent phones where you can see all the cables inside. A lip-based phone costs about $ 20 today.

10th Barbra Streisand's stylist invented the crimping iron.

The stylist Geri Cusenza invented the Crimpeisen after hours of braiding and unbundling Barbra Streisand's hair for a photo shoot and released a hairstyle that would prevail over the decade.

. 11 Mrs. Pac-Man had an … interesting slogan.

When the video game character was introduced in 1982, their slogan was: "The New Femme Fatale of the Game World." For sure. Fine.

12th Jolt Cola has found a slogan to hold on to.

Jolt Cola, introduced in 1985, used the same slogan "all sugar and double caffeine" for 24 years. In the late 2000s, they changed it to "maximum caffeine, more power," which just does not have the same punch.

. 13 DC Comics was nice enough to keep his name The Karate Kid .

Prior to The Karate Kid The Karate Kid was a fully-fledged DC comic superhero. Columbia Pictures thanked DC Comics in the credits for using the name.

fourteenth Christian Bale once helped sell Pac-Man cereals.

In the 1980s, Christian Bale starred in a commercial for Pac-Man cereals and gave us the name for his inevitable autobiography: From Pac-Man to Batman .

15th Many popular books have been written as ghostwriters.

Ghostwriters were unbelievably popular in the 1980s, especially on TV series aimed at tweens and teens. For example, the Babysitter Club author Anne M. Martin Ghost wrote the first Sweet Valley Twins book, and Sweet Valley Twins author Peter Lerangis wrote 43 Babysitter Club books. 19659002] 16th Olivia Newton-John's Song Physical should be macho.

According to songwriter Steve Kipner, the Olivia Newton-John song Physical was originally written for "a male macho-rock figure" like Rod Stewart. "The singer also worried after she recorded it was too slippery.

17. The razzies arose from a bad double play.

Speaking of Olivia Newton-John: After the journalist John JB Wilson Double play of Can not Stop the Music and Xanadu had seen] he was inspired to launch the Golden Raspberry Awards, also known as "The Razzies". Praise for bad filmmaking was first given at his home Oscar party.

18. Halley's comet was first observed in a spaceship in 1986.

Chinese astronomers first noticed it in 239 BC

Boomboxes required a lot of arm power.

According to Boombox expert Fred Brathwaite, these boxes were so heavy that "some cats who carried their boxes constantly developed massive forearms and biceps Some boomboxes weighed 26 pounds.

20th You are a big fan of Project Ii – whether you know it or not.

When American Greetings developed Care Bears, they were top secret and were called "Project II". Incidentally, Project I was none other than Strawberry Shortcake.

21st A strawberry shortcake convention lasted until the 2000s. Incidentally, Strawberry Shortcake has its own annual convention in Cleveland, which started in 2003 and lasted more than a decade.

22nd A soap opera helped turn Rick Springfield into a global pop star.

In 1981, Rick Springfield took a role in General Hospital after recording his album "Working Class Dog". The show was watched daily by some 14 million viewers, which is why Jesse's Girl landed in first place this year. It is his only single who has ever won the first place.

23rd You can visit a Rainbow Brite Museum.

Your wish has come true. In North Carolina, there is a Rainbow Brite Museum made up of 1500 memorabilia from a woman's Rainbow Brite collection.

24th Nintendo brought his console with an offer in the shops, which they could not refuse.

In 1985, a Nintendo manager promised to convince stores in New York City to run the new Nintendo entertainment system. They did not sell for nothing but sold 50,000 at Christmas time.

25th The leopard pattern helped Simon Le Bon to his lead singer performance.

Simon Le Bon performed his Duran Duran audition in pink leopard trousers. Nick Rhodes said, "Anyone who looks so stupid is the one."

26th The debut album by Eddie Murphy was produced by Rick James and Stevie Wonder.

It cost over half a million dollars to capture Eddie Murphy's album "How Could It Be" with the awfully bad single Party All the Time [19459004zumachen] now in your head. You are welcome.

27th Real Scientists Inspired Jem and the Holograms .

The surnames of Jem (a.k.a. Jerrica Benton) and the holograms were the names of real scientists who worked on hologram technology.

28th Do not worry, be happy still makes people happy.

The Song of 1988 Do not worry, be happy still has many fans, including Hillary Clinton, who has received a Teddy Bear singing the song of former Secretary of State George Schultz. Her memoirs read: "I kept it in my office, at first as a joke, but now and then it really helped to squeeze the bear and hear that song."

29th Lisa Frank has her own ink.

It's a mix that makes colors brighter.

30th Jackets for members was a big, big deal.

Another brand that fared well in the 1980s: Members Only. Thanks to its famous jackets, the company contributed $ 100 million annually.

31st Hairspray helped with the hairspray relaunch.

In 2002, Aqua Net Hairspray had an unlikely comeback when the musical Hairspray based on John Waters's 1988 film began on Broadway. Because nothing says fashion like a musical that plays in Baltimore in the 1960s. (That was a kind of point from Waters.)

32. Jon Bon Jovi hated Livin & # 39; On A Prayer (initially). Speaking of hairspray: Jon Bon Jovi did not like the song "Livin 'on a Prayer" and almost made it out of the Slippery When Wet album before giving them their first number one song.

33rd Two famous' 80s styles were invented decades before the 1980s.

The dynasty (19459004) and Working Girl (19459004) made shoulder pads in women's clothing popular in the 1980s, but designer Elsa Schiaparelli actually invented the style in the 1930s. Since 1872, people have also been waving their hair.

34th "Mr. T" is not a stage name.

When Laurence Tureaud turned 18, he legally changed his name to Mr. T because he wanted people to call him Mister, which he regarded as a token of respect that the whites did not usually not allow black men to do.

35th Baby Animal on The Muppet Babies had two famous voices.

Both Dave Coulier and Howie Mandel voiced Animal on Muppet Babies . What a great program.

36th Cheers did not have a good start.

The Cheers 1982 premiere was almost last in the ratings, but its finale 11 years later brought in 80.4 million viewers.

37th ALF did wonderful things in Germany.

Speaking of sitcoms: ALF was very popular in Germany. The country actually has a town called Alf, and people have stolen the sign because of the popularity of the show. For some reason, ALF recorded hip-hop hits as well.

38th John Hughes wrote Sixteen Candles for Molly Ringwood before he ever met her.

John Hughes wrote Sixteen Candles after an agent sent him a pile of headshots of actresses, including Molly Ringwald. He put her picture across his desk and wrote most of the film over a weekend.

. 39 John Hughes wrote Ferris Bueller's Day Off in six days.

But Hughes often wrote pretty fast. In fact, the screenplay for Ferris Bueller's Rest Day lasted only six days when he took part in an oncoming writers' strike.

40th Most of Run DMC did not like the name "Run DMC."

Russell Simmons – Joseph "Run" Simmons brother, who advertised the band and produced their first single, actually had the name "Run DMC". "What the rest of the group hated was that they wanted to be called 'Devastating Two' or 'Dynamic Two MCs.'

41. Gelly Roll pens have something to do with gluten-free cheeks.

Gelly Roll pens were used in the Invented in the 1980s, but it took a while for them to develop the perfect ink formula after trying things like grated yam and egg whites.A member of the team saw an ad for the food additive xanthan gum, which turned out to be a missing ingredient.

42. The most iconic line for Terminator should be "I'm coming back."

The line "I'm coming back" from the Terminator movies was written as the novella of the movie as " I'll come back. "But before you write that down as a typo," I'm coming back "is how the line was written in the original script.

43. Jane Fonda helped popularize leg warmers.

Jane Fonda is credited with part of the merit or blame for leggings on fashion leggings. She wore them in her first training video and encouraged people to wear them to "feel like athletes".

44th Jennifer Beals accidentally triggered the ripped sweatshirt madness.

Another reason for leg warrior insanity: the film Flashdance which also gave us the collarless sweatshirt. Actress Jennifer Beals once shrunk a sweatshirt into the dryer and then cut it around the collar to make it fit. That carried her to her audition, and the style made it into the movie.

45th The ubiquitous "baby on board" signs might not have been that great.

Stickers for your car featuring "baby on board" were very popular in the 1980s. However, according to a 2012 study, every twentieth driver blames these stickers for impairing their visibility and causing accidents.

46th The earliest known emoticon dates back to 1982.

Computer scientist Scott E. Fahlman offered them to show lightheartedness on message board posts. : -)

47. The Clapper was not the only product with this earwig jingle.

The Clapper is known for its commercial jingle, but the same song was used in a commercial for Sine-Off Cold Medicine back in the 1980s. [19659002] 48th Slash almost came to Poison.

Future Guns N & # 39; s Roses guitarist Slash spoke up for Poison, but realized that he was not fit for the job when they asked him if he would wear make-up.

49th Richard Page almost came to Toto.

Similarly, Richard Page – the lead singer of Mr. Mister – rejected the lead singer job in two other bands, Toto and Chicago, because he was waiting for Mr. Mister to come alone. It is unclear how he deals with the rains in Africa.

50th Van Halen's famous "M & M" request had a serious purpose.

In the 1980s, Van Halen was known to ask for a bowl of M & Ms minus all brown candies behind the scenes of their shows. They should not be cocky idiots. They added it to their contracts to make sure the people in charge of the venue actually read the entire driver. When they saw brown M & Ms, they knew that the venue was not focused on details and that there could be some (potentially dangerous) technical issues on stage.

51st Fraggle Rock was HBO's first original series.

Fraggle Rock was HBO's first original series. It was much like the content that HBO is doing now, but there was less violence than Game of Thrones less drugs than euphoria and just as much intrigue as Succession .

52nd The title song of Pee-Wee's Playhouse had a famous singer.

Cindy Lauper! She revealed in her autobiography that she sang the theme song for the crazy show.

53rd Neil Armstrong declined MTV.

When MTV premiered in the 1980s, they wanted to use Neil Armstrong's "One Small Step" quote from the Moon Landing, but Armstrong declined, and blew a beep over the video collage of Apollo 11 lands instead.

54th The Beastie Boys opened for Madonna.

The opening act for Madonna's first tour? The Beastie Boys, who were often booed for screaming obscenities. But it worked for Madonna. It turns out that the audience who hates the opening act, the headliner looks all the happier.

55th "Fight For Your Right" is a parody song. Incidentally, the Beastie Boys wrote "(You must) Fight For Your Right" as a parody of rock songs (so many parentheses).

It was a joke. They refused to play it live.

56th Bright Lights, Big City The publisher of Bright Lights, Big City said the shot would limit their size.

While Jay McInerney was working on his novel Bright Lights, Big City his publisher said that no New York's major American novels were being held, to which Jay McInerney probably replied: "Do you have The Great Gatsby read? "

57th A three-year-old inspired the Polaroid camera.

All the cool 80s kids had a Polaroid 660. The brand itself was founded in 1944 by Edwin H. Land because his three-year-old daughter did not understand why she could not see a picture right after shooting, so he has the problem fixed for her and then became billionaire. Listen to your children, people.

58th Ghostbusters Crew Made Three Stay Puft Suits

The production of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man suit for Ghostbusters cost $ 20,000. The crew had to make three of them, all of which were destroyed during the shooting.

59th Dr. Ruth was almost in Dirty Dancing. Eleanor Bergstein, who wrote and produced Dirty Dancing, was with Dr. Ing. Ruth befriends. Anyway, Bergstein wanted dr. Occupy Ruth as Mrs. Schumacher, but Dr. Ruth declined when she realized the character was a thief.

60th Doc Brown almost had a chimpanzee buddy.

Doc Brown had a chimpanzee in early drafts of Back to the Future but the head of Universal said that no movie with a chimpanzee would ever make money. Which one is totally unfair. I mean, MVP: Most Valuable Primate was not made yet, but this manager was certainly familiar with the Ronald Reagan film Bedtime for Bonzo . In any case, Doc Brown's chimpanzee would have been named Shemp.

61st Miami Vice did not have a real Ferrari at first.

Sonny Crockett's car on Miami Vice was originally a Corvette that made the crew look like a Ferrari, but eventually Ferrari gave the show a Testarossa.

62nd There was a literal book about what "real men" do not do.

In the 1980s, the book Real Men Eat No Quiche 55 weeks in the New York Times bestseller list. According to the book, there are a few things that real men do not do: make meaningful dialogues, catch rays, drink light beer, or wear gold chains or anything with more than three zippers.

63rd We had Chicken McNuggets only in 1981.

Believe it or not, America lived in ignorance of McDonald's Chicken McNuggets until the 1980s. They were launched in 1981 for testing. Incidentally, they are supposed to exist only in four forms: the boot, the ball, the bow tie and the bell.

64th Michael Jackson's Beat It had a famous guitarist.

Eddie Van Halen! He rocked the guitar solo in Michael Jackson's Beat It for free as a favor to Quincy Jones. It takes 20 seconds.

65th Thriller almost got a Fred Astaire cameo.

Fred Astaire was almost a zombie in Michael Jackson's music video for Thriller . He even went to a rehearsal.

66th Pat Benatar expanded the possibilities of music videos.

Pat Benatar's Love Is a Battlefield music video was the first to contain spoken dialogues. Near the beginning of the story, when Benatar's rebellious teenage character runs away from home, her father says she can "forget to return" when she leaves.

67th Spandex is an anagram of and extended .

Fit for the elastic, synthetic fabric.

68th Paula Abdul choreographed for ZZ Top and Janet Jackson.

Such great team-ups. Abdul designed the Dance for ZZ Tops Velcro Fly in 1985 and her 1986 work designed for Janet Jackson Nasty consolidated her status as an elite choreographer. She also designed the gigantic dance sequence Coming to America .

69th The inventor of the magic cube struggled to solve the problem.

So do not feel so bad. Erno Rubik was fascinated by the beauty of the colored cubes and said, "It was unbelievably satisfying to see this color parade." Then he wondered how he should find out. It took a month, but there are also over 43 trillion possible combinations, so a month is not too shabby. Rubik also gave us the key to not find out: just enjoy the satisfaction of the color parade.

70th Hair mousse is named after the French word for foam.

It was invented in France and made popular in North America in the 1980s thanks to L & # 39; Oreal.

71st The guy who wrote Heathers wanted Stanley to direct Kubrick.

Daniel Waters first wrote Heathers as a three-hour dark comedy starring Kubrick as a dream director. Obviously, Kubrick has neither directed nor filmed a film after the 1987 Full Metal Jacket until he shot his last film in 1999 Eyes Wide Shut .

72nd Rick Allen's mother brought him his Def Leppard appearance.

Drummer Rick Allen joined Def Leppard when he was only 14 years old after his mother responded to the band's ad for him. He spoke out against two others, including the band's original drummer, who wanted the job back.

73rd Prince wrote Manic Monday .

Manic Monday by the Bangles was written by Prince under the pseudonym Christopher. That was before his pseudonym was a symbol. He also wrote "Nothing Compares 2 U" for Sinead O & Connor and hits for Alicia Keys, Chaka Khan and more.

74th Citing Top Gun at Topgun will be fined.

Members of the US Navy Fighter Weapons School (a.k.a. TOPGUN) are reportedly fined $ 5 each time they cite Top Gun . It's tough, fair and it's worth making a few leaps when you feel the need for speed in the classroom.

75th Ray-Ban was very pleased with top Gun .

At the other end of the 5-dollar spectrum: Ray-Ban Aviator sales jumped 40 percent after Val Kilmer slammed Tom Cruise's teeth on the big screen.

76th Reese's Pieces was pleased with E.T.

But if you find that impressive, according to E.T. Reese's Pieces increased 65 percent. The original script required Elliot to use M & Ms to get the alien out, but Mars was known to reject it (and lost it).

77th Wendy has the "Where's the beef?" Wife for infidelity.

Clara Peller, who said, "Where's the beef?" Wendy's commercial was dismissed by Wendy's when she made a commercial for Prego Spaghetti Sauce in which she said, "I found it!"

According to Wendy's, this quote concluded that Clara found the beef in a place other than Wendy's restaurants. "We all know that there is only one location for the beef.

78. Fake Cabbage Patch Kids posed a real problem for the FBI.

While Parents were searching for Cabbage Patch Kid dolls in the shops, Parsons searched the FBI for thousands of counterfeit versions that were cheap and had "a strong chemical odor." They were alerted to a massive operation when customs officials confiscated 240 false dolls traveling from Canada to Michigan.

79. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Uncle Phil Expresses Shredder in the Cartoon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles .

The late James Avery was known in households around the world as Will Smith's sensible, However, he also expressed the cruel hostility of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in their animated show in the late 1980s, in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air n it to win $ 5 bets with your friends.

80th The recording for the star-filled song We Are the World lasted until 3 o'clock in the morning.

Stevie Wonder wanted to record a verse in Swahili and waited for a phone call about the correct pronunciation. When the call finally arrived, Ray Charles said, "It's three o'clock in the morning. Swahili, shit – I can not even sing in English anymore. "

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