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Facts about summer time

In recent years, the Black Friday craze has become more and more on Thanksgiving. If the shops are already open at 5 pm On Thanksgiving Thursday, festive dinners are overshadowed by shopping frenzy. However, there are still some shops where workers can stay home and enjoy their holidays. Here is a selection of stores that have confirmed Mental Floss to be closed on Thanksgiving 2019.

. 1 Costco

  costco warehouse

iStock.com, slobo

The Warehouse Club has always had a reputation for being good with its employees. On this Thanksgiving Day, more than 200,000 Costco team members have the opportunity to spend the holidays with their families (this also applies to Christmas and New Year).

. 2 Dillards

  A Storefront by Dillard

iStock.com, Lee Walters

As in previous years, the physical locations for Dillards are closed on Thanksgiving.

. 3 BJ's Wholesale Club

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BJ's wholesale club locations shut down on Thanksgiving, although "BJ's members can use the savings on BJs.com at midnight on Thanksgiving," a spokesperson told Mental Floss. Shops open for Black Friday at 7am.

. 4 REI

  Seattle REI Branch

Suzi Pratt, Getty Images for REI

Both on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, the REI locations are closed again. But that's not all. In a press release, the company said, "For the fifth time this black Friday, REI Co-op will close all branches, stop online payments and pay all 13,000 employees with friends and family at #OptOutside." The company also encourages employees and members to engage in nationwide remediation efforts and take steps in a 52-week action plan to reduce their environmental footprint.

5 Sur La Table

Make sure you have all the kitchen utensils and tools for Thanksgiving that you need before the big day. Kitchen appliance harbor Sur La Table is closed.

. 6 Crate & Barrel

  Crate & Barrel Showcase

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Crate & Barrel employees remain home for Thanksgiving this year as well.

. 7 JO-ANN Fabrics and Crafts

  Jo-Ann Fabrics Storefront

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Her craft projects have to wait until Friday: Being closed to Thanksgiving has a long tradition for Ann-Ann's businesses.

. 8 T.J. MAXX

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The parent company, the T.J. Maxx (as well as the businesses of Marshalls, HomeGoods, Sierra and Homesense) told Mental Floss, "We consider ourselves an employee-friendly company and look forward to giving our employees the time to enjoy Thanksgiving with family and friends."

9. Marshalls

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Marshall's as T.J. Maxx is owned by TJX and therefore closed.

10th Pier 1 Imports

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In recent years Pier 1 Imports has decided to stay closed for the holidays. A spokesperson said to Mental Floss, "The Pier 1 branches will be closed on Thursday, November 28, so our staff will have time to celebrate the Thanksgiving holidays with their family and friends, as always Thanksgiving is available to help our customers if they want to buy Pier 1 online that day, and our stores will be open on Friday, November 29, at 8 pm local time. "

Feb 11 Publix

Getty Images [19659005] You need to buy your last-minute Thanksgiving fixes at a location other than Publix, which is always closed three days a year – Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and Easter Sunday – a spokesperson told us.

12. 19659040] iStock

Sierra businesses (formerly known as Sierra Trading Post) are closed again on Thanksgiving.

13th Barnes & Noble

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Barnes & Noble wants his co-workers to be the vacation enjoy with their families (and then relax with a good book).

14. Patagonia

  Patagonia Storefront

iStock.com, electravk

When asked why Patagonia stores close on Thanksgiving, spokesman replied: "It's a holiday – we're closed!" In this Year I do the same.

15th Staples

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"We need to ensure that our dedicated retailers, who work hard throughout Black Friday and the holiday season, can spend the Thanksgiving holiday with their friends and families." Mike Motz, Staples US Retail's Chief Executive Officer, said in a press release.

sixteenth Lowe's

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The hardware store giant offers Thanksgiving to its employees for their families, but is opened on Black Friday at 6 in the morning.

17th Mall of America

  Mall of America Signs Off

iStock.com, Wolterk

The Mall of America will also close its doors on Thanksgiving.

18th The Container Shop

  The Container Shop

iStock.com, Nicolas McComber

In 2015, the container store posted an explanation on his blog explaining why he wishes to close on Thanksgiving: "We all love it to see Our customers – do not get us wrong, but we think it's more important for all of our employees to spend the holidays with their families, to recharge their batteries and regenerate and get back to work to prepare for the holiday season! "They will do the same thing this year.

19th Office Depot

  Office Depot Storefront

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"When evaluating our opening hours for this holiday and considering business and personal considerations, we decided to offer our employees the best day off" Spending time with family and friends and closing our stores on Thanksgiving, "said Office Depot COO Troy Rice in a 2016 press release. They're doing the same thing this year.

20. 19659068] An OfficeMax site in Colorado “/>

marekuliasz / iStock via Getty Images

OfficeMax, whose owner is Office Depot, will also be closed this year.

This is only a fraction of the list of stores listed Thanksgiving stay closed See the full list on BestBlackFriday.com

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