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Face masks you actually want to wear

Face masks are one of the best ways to prevent COVID-19 from spreading, but not all are designed for comfort or convenience. Some can disturb your ears or irritate the skin, while others can only be worn for a few hours before they need to be thrown. And most of those you find in convenience stores don’t leave much room for individuality.

For this reason, we have compiled this list of masks that you actually want to wear. These unique, fashionable, fun and, above all, extremely comfortable facewear will help you change your routine and leave home for everything the world has to offer (a meter away from others, of course!). .

. Ministry of Supply 3D printed mask; $ 50

The Department of Supply only needs about seven minutes to shape and weave each of its new face masks, but that’s only part of what makes their story so impressive. The company’s Maskº line is made possible by the 3D printing-knitting process, which ensures that each of the viscose and polyester masks meets the specifications developed and supported by doctors and nurses for long-term use.

Each mask comes with 10 disposable filters that have been tested by an external laboratory to achieve more than 95 percent bacterial filtration efficiency (you can also buy more if you use them). And while the first Wave of Maskº is sold out, you can currently put your name on a list to order from the second wave in August. For the next batch, the company is optimizing the 3D printing process based on customer feedback to make the masks more convenient and user-friendly.

Buy it: Ministry of Supply

2. Moshoodats Flower Bomb Face Masks on Etsy; $ 25- $ 40

If you want to transform your face mask into an artistic expression, you have come to the right place in the AllThingsMoshoodat Etsy shop. Moshoodat’s unique masks are characterized by colorful flowers that stand out in a sea of ​​generic cotton masks. Though they look delicate, the parts are hand washable and reusable so you can spread virtual sunshine anywhere. And if flowers aren’t your thing, check out Moshoodat’s afro-centric masks for a more understated look that is no less stunning.

Buy it: AllThingsMoshoodat on Etsy

3. Sanctuary’s Fashion PSA Masks; $ 28 for five

Although Sanctuary is best known as a future-oriented fashion brand, its line of lightweight, breathable face masks doesn’t leave the function behind. Each cotton mask contains a 100 percent polypropylene melted fabric filter for added protection when you walk through the park or grocery store. And if you’re not interested in the camouflage patterns shown above, you can choose from the company’s latest line of animal print masks.

Buy it: sanctuary

4. Athleta is made to move masks; $ 25 for three

Athleta is all about an active lifestyle, even during a pandemic. For this reason, the company’s Made to Move face masks are woven from a light blend of polyester and elastane to promote breathability. So you can enjoy the much needed rest while jogging and yoga outdoors. The company’s commitment to sustainability also means that these masks can be thrown into a washing machine and reused during your summer training.

Buy it: athlete

5. LED matrix face mask from Lumen Couture; $ 95

This LED face mask from Lumen Couture is the ultimate fashion statement for protective gear with a touch of high-tech glamor. With the customizable LED technology – you can choose a pre-made look, write your own text and create designs via an Android / IOS app – your mask is only limited by your imagination. The hidden electronic component is charged via USB and lasts three to four hours. And the electronic part of the mask is completely removable, so you can safely throw the otherwise cotton mask in your laundry without it falling out for your fashion item. Chelsea Klukas, product design manager at Oculus, Lumen Couture, has raised over $ 4,500 for the WHO COVID-19 Fund since April.

Buy it: Lumen couture

6. Baggus reusable masks; $ 32 for three

Give your spirits an instant boost with these cheerful Baggu masks. They are made of 100 percent quilter cotton because, according to the manufacturer, the tight fabric and thick threads effectively block breath droplets – but it is also soft and breathable. These masks contain an adjustable nose wire and straps. Although they are not suitable for medical purposes, they contain a sewn-in pocket, so you can use a filter for additional protection. Baggu donates a pack of surgical masks to healthcare workers for each pack sold, which only improves their happiness-enhancing quality.

Buy it: Baggu

7. Delete the window mask from the A / C area. $ 20

With so many faces now hidden behind masks, we have to do without much of the non-verbal communication that we rely on. And for people with hearing impairments, the difficulty increases, as many rely on facial expressions and lip reading to understand the people around them. The A / C Space wants to help with a cotton mask that has a vinyl PVC window over the mouth and allows better communication on the face. Besides, it never hurts to smile at a stranger. These masks can be washed by hand or in a washing machine, but you should then dry them on a line.

Buy it: The A / C room

8th and 9th horror movie-inspired masks from Redbubble; $ 13

Pay homage to your favorite horror films – and muffle your screams at nightly screenings – with these masks that are inspired by silence of the Lambs (designed by user Modestquotes) and The glow (designed by user SandiTyche). Each mask consists of two layers of soft 100 percent polyester, making it as light as Hannibal Lecter without its constant supply of human meat. With elastic straps so that the mask fits your face and ears, you feel particularly safe when you go outside. If you’re not looking over the shoulder for a troubled Jack Nicholson.

Buy it: Redbubble (silence of the Lambs and The glow)

10. This Friends-inspired mask on Redbubble; $ 13

This Friends-Inspired face mask by user foureyedesign on Redbubble helps you feel less in the midst of a global pandemic and more as a guest in everyone’s favorite sitcom. With “The one with the quarantine” prominently in Friends The writing on the front of the mask is made of two layers of soft polyester that are just as comforting as one of Phoebe’s original songs. You may not be trapped in the same home as your closest and dearest friends, but by wearing this mask you can pretend you are.

Buy it: Redbubble

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