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Expert tips for better grilling

The days are long, the weather is warm … time to light the grill! We asked Myron Mixon – also known as the most successful grilling man who started cooking with his father when he was 9 and earned an incredible 1800 trophies in his career – for some tips to help you master this barbecue season.

1. Research before grilling.

Grilling is not as easy as throwing meat on the grill. “It is important to research and understand the process,” Mixon says. When he first took part in competitions, he only had trial and error to guide him, but now there are many options available to the inexperienced grill chef. “There is so much information out there,”

; he says. “Read cookbooks, take lessons, search the Internet, watch shows. It will make you a better pit master. “It is also helpful to familiarize yourself with your devices. So don’t be afraid to read the user manual!

2. Always prepare before grilling.

“Preparing is very important when grilling,” says Mixon. It includes everything from choosing the cut and quality of your meat to cutting the meat to seasoning your future meal with spices and marinades. How well you prepare, he says, shows directly how delicious your food is: “Great preparation, great grilling.”

3. Use a meat thermometer when grilling.

A meat thermometer is a must for a very simple reason: “The most common mistake when grilling is undercooking or overcooking,” says Mixon. “The best chefs use an internal meat thermometer to ensure that the product is cooked perfectly.”

4. Choose the right sauce for your meat.

Mixon likes vinegar-based sauces, mustard-based poultry sauces, and spicy tomato-based beef sauce. “[Avoid] Any sauce that is so overwhelming that it masks the natural taste of the meat, ”he says.

5. Don’t be afraid to experiment with flavors.

“A little change in the flavors for your grill can be as simple as adding pureed fresh fruit to the sauce before you apply it to the meat,” Mixon says. He recommends things like blueberries, strawberries and apple sauce.

6. Keep your grill sides simple.

“For me BBQ is a simple meal with simple ingredients and the process is easy,” says Mixon. “My [side] Dishes are the same. “He makes his mother’s fish salad, which consists of roughly sliced ​​cabbage, diced tomatoes and onions, mayo, salt, and pepper, and his peach BBQ beans, which he makes from baked beans, peach pie filling, and red peppers.

7. And remember, you are the boss of your grill.

The only thing you should remember when grilling, says Mixon, is, “Always cook and season the grilling the way you, the Pitmaster, like it. Your grill, your garden, your way. “

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