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Everyone’s environment | TED Circle October 2020

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A list list – TED Circles is an open platform for small groups to have conversations about ideas. Circles, moderated by volunteers, see and discuss a TED lecture and then exchange ideas online to consider each other’s perspectives and have a global conversation. This conversation needs everyone so we hope you join as a host (registration below) and / or guest (monthly registrations below). Circles can be 1

00% virtual, so the churches stay connected right now. In addition to the monthly topics, there are special programs each month on what’s going on in the world so that Circles discussions are as meaningful and relevant as possible. Kelsey Leonard: Why lakes and rivers should have the same rights as people TED Talk, Angela Francis: Saving the planet without making it everyone’s top priority TED Talk, Cheryl Holder: The link between climate change, health and poverty TED Talk, Per Espen Stoknes: How To Convert Apocalypse Fatigue Into Action Against Global Warming | TED Talk and Tom Rivett-Carnac: How to Change Your Mindset and Choose Your Future | TED talk

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