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Everyone needs to see William Shatner’s Cringey ‘Star Trek’ Doc

With the cinematic future of the franchise in flux, lots Star Trek The fans are probably looking for a new movie right now. We have good news and bad news. The good news is: an invisible one Trekbased film recently hit digital platforms. The bad news? It is The captains, a 2011 Canadian documentary directed by William Shatner in which James Kirk himself interviews the various actors who have played Starfleet Captains over the years. It sounds boring, but we do strong I recommend you take a look at this thing – not because it’s a scrutiny look at 23rd century leadership, but because Shatner is a goddamn madman and this thing plays out like a real Christopher Guest mockumentary.

Shatner is known to be a master of self-important egomania, and it comes as no surprise that his directorial style has the subtlety of Klingon mating rituals. He doesn’t just want to interview Star Trek Actor, he wants this film to unravel the meaning of life itself. From the ubiquitous sugar-sweet score to Shatner’s interludes of contemplating existence while ducks play at sunset, the doctor often feels like a low-budget commercial for a small town funeral home

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