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Essential Road Trip Products Dental floss

If you want to travel this summer but don’t want to get on a plane or bus, a road trip may be your best bet. If you travel by car, you can explore new places while limiting exposure to new people. Since the streets are open in front of you, there is no limit to where you can go or how long your trip can take.

No matter if you are exploring national parks, trying the best snack in the country or just driving across a national border – we have compiled a list of the most important products you need to take with you on the trip. And if you want to learn how to plan a safe trip during the COVID-19 pandemic, click here.

. Osprey Farpoint 40 Travel Pack; $ 160

Osprey’s Farpoint 40 travel package has been named the best overall backpack for 2020 by US News & World Report and will help you carry everything you need from your car to your campsite and back. This backpack does not lack clever design features such as a blind belt and waist belt, lockable zippers and a mesh-lined back wall to prevent chafing on long hikes. The backpack can hold 20 to 40 pounds and is designed for a larger frame. So if you need something smaller, the Fairview 40 is another great option for a travel backpack suitable for many future road trips.

Buy it: Osprey

2. MLVOC memory foam travel pillow; $ 20

Cars aren’t necessarily the most convenient place to take a nap, but if you spend hours on the road, your decisions dry up quickly. The next time you know you’re going to sit in the passenger seat for a few days or stay in the back, try the 4.5-star memory foam travel pillow from MLVOC. The pillow itself offers 360 ° support and its flat back adapts to your neck and ensures an individual fit. In addition to the pillow itself, you will receive an eye mask, earplugs and a travel bag, which you can use to take the entire kit with you on the go.

Buy it: Amazon

3. Soundasleep queen size air mattress; $ 120

With a 4.3-star rating on Amazon and placement on numerous best-of-lists, the SoundAsleep air mattress is a necessity if you want to camp a few nights during your road trip. Just press the one-click pump to inflate – ideal for campers who want to avoid nocturnal animals in a hurry – and the bottom is covered with SureGrip absorbent to prevent slipping. The mattress is available in Queen, Twin and Twin XL sizes and gives you options in case you want to inflate it on the back of a truck or RV.

Buy it: Amazon

4. National Geographic Road Atlas 2020: Adventure Edition;; $ 18

You don’t always get excellent service on a road trip. So if you don’t have bars or just want travel inspiration, National Geographic’s Road Atlas 2020: Adventure Edition takes you exactly where you need to go … even if it wasn’t where you imagined it to be. With updated road maps for all 50 states, Canada, Mexico and even Puerto Rico, you’ll never get lost again. This atlas also includes recommendations for sights and profiles of America’s 24 best national parks. This makes him a portable guide who is even better than Alexa.

Buy it: Amazon

5. AAA Premium Road Kit; $ 26

Although nobody wants to imagine that they will have an accident on a road trip, it is also good to be prepared for it. This 42-piece road kit comes with sturdy jumper cables, tape, a screwdriver, zip ties, and more in case you need quick repairs. Everything is packed in a compact carrying case, so you can just throw the car in and take it from one highway to the next.

Buy it: Amazon

6. UE Boom 3 portable speakers; $ 149

All great road trips should have a great soundtrack. With this UE Boom portable Bluetooth speaker, you can enjoy your favorite music along with the sounds of the wild (or the tranquility of a hotel room). These speakers last up to 15 hours when fully charged and offer a strong punch with their high-quality surround sound. They’re also incredibly durable: the speakers are completely waterproof (they can literally float) and are designed to handle falls and bumps with ease.

Buy it: Amazon

7. Society6 face masks; $ 14

One of the most important elements for today’s road trip is a face mask. And whether you like cats, forest beetles, the solar system or comics, Society6 has a design for pretty much everyone (over 1000 options!). No matter which one you choose, all masks have an inner pocket for disposable filters and are made from a pleated, double layer of fabric to ensure a firm and secure fit. It’s also a smart idea to take a pack of disposable masks with you just in case.

Buy it: Society6

8. Otterbox Trooper 12 cooler; $ 200

No matter what your road trip includes – whether you’re visiting Yellowstone or the country’s largest string ball – you should always have a cold drink to enjoy after a long day. This 12-liter soft cooler from Otterbox holds ice for up to three days and is leak-proof to prevent spilling. The cooler is equipped with a mounting system that allows you to adapt it with accessories such as an adjustable cup holder or a drybox clip. It is even equipped with a carabiner bottle opener for easy access.

Buy it: Otterbox

9th and 10th power bank and car charger; $ 30- $ 35

Even if you spend most of your time sightseeing, you should charge your phone to take pictures and connect with loved ones at home. The standard Otterbox fast-charging power bank is designed so that two devices can be charged at the same time, so that you and a friend can charge even when you are not in your car. The charger contains a USB-A to USB-C cable and is compatible with most common devices.

When charging in the car, you can’t go wrong with the Otterbox Fast Charge Car Kit. You get charging speeds that are up to 3.6 times faster than a base model, according to the manufacturer, and the cable has been bent / tested a whopping 3000 times to ensure that it lasts as long as you expected on the road .

Buy it: Otterbox (power bank; car charger)

11. Otterbox Dash and windshield car holder; $ 16

You’ll likely use your phone’s navigation app while exploring new places, but you want to make sure you do so safely. Keep an eye on the road – and still get where you want to go with the Dash & Windshield car holder from Otterbox. It is designed so that you can insert and remove your phone with just one hand. The adjustable arms can be extended to fit even the largest phones without blocking the buttons. If you prefer a slightly lower car holder, this vent bracket from Beam Electronics is a great alternative.

Buy it: Otterbox

12th and 13th instant coffee and cold brew concentrate; $ 12- $ 50

Any road trip veteran will tell you that the most important part of a long drive is staying awake and alert. Enjoy hot coffee on the go with these instant coffee packages from Starbucks – and actually drink a decent cup. All Starbucks instant coffees are made from 100 percent Arabica beans. All you have to do is pour your packet into a mug, mix with hot or cold water and enjoy.

If you want something colder and much stronger, check out the Java House cold brew concentrate trays. Just as easy as preparing instant coffee, all you have to do is pull the cap off the pod, pour it over ice, add water and stir. It’s easy enough to do and helps stop in expensive cafes on the go. Make sure to bring some portable cups so that your coffee stays as fresh as it was the minute you made it.

Buy it: Amazon (Starbucks instant coffee; Java House Cold Brew Concentrate)

14. First aid kits; $ 22- $ 125

Accidents happen, and this 299-piece kit from First Aid Only offers almost everything you need for basic emergencies. With bandages for cuts and scratches, creams and cool packs against burns, simple pain relievers, alcohol wipes and much more, this light and easy-to-store kit is an indispensable travel companion.

If you want something fancier – but no less useful – check out this unique first aid kit from Uncommon Goods. The kit contains essential first aid items such as multi-purpose tape, bandages, and antibiotic cream, all of which are stored in tiny canisters that fit perfectly in a flashlight tube. This is a great kit to take with you when you’re out of the car … and even more practical on night hikes. No matter which kit you bring, don’t forget a thermometer. With the low likelihood that you will feel sick – even after wearing your mask and washing your hands – it’s important to have just in case.

Buy it: Amazon (299-piece first aid kit); Occasional goods (flashlight first aid kit)

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