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Equipment for a backyard movie night

Bring the cinema to your garden with these devices. Now all you have to do is select the film.

1. Dr. J film projector and screen; $ 230

The first step in creating your own backyard cinema is the right projector. The 1080p projector from Dr. J, who has a 4.6-star rating on Amazon, has a lamp life of 50,000 hours, built-in stereo sound, and is compatible with laptops, tablets, Blu-ray players, smartphones, and more (though you) for some connections an adapter may be required. It even comes with a 100-inch screen, so you don't have to worry about buying a separate screen.

If you want to be pampered, The Wirecutter recommends this projector, which is suitable for both small yards and this simple-to-setup screen.

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2. Thermacell Radius Zone mosquito repeller; $ 50

The movie night is no fun if you have mosquitoes in your ears (or bite your legs!). This rechargeable device lasts 40 hours with a refill; Just turn it on, place it in the middle of your viewing area, and wait 1

5 minutes to enjoy your skeeter-free zone.

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3. Best Choice Products Set of Two Zero Gravity Chairs; $ 155

These weatherproof chairs move 160 degrees so you can sit up or lean back, whichever position you prefer to watch movies. The chairs also have a tray for two cups, books and your phone.

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4. Inflatable AlphaBeing Air Lounger; $ 46

If weightless chairs are not your thing, kick back in these sturdy inflatable nylon lounge chairs, available in eight colors, with mesh headrests and side pockets to hold your drinks and phone You just stow them away in memory.

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5. Yeti Tundra cooler; $ 250

Avoid going back in and out by keeping all of your movie night drinks in this yeti cooler, which with its 2 inch thick insulated walls never lets your drinks get warm. Thanks to the durable construction of the Yeti, you can also take it with you on camping and tailgate rides.

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6. West Bend Hot Theater Style Popper Machine; $ 59

No movie night would be complete without Kinopopcorn. This popper can open six portions of popcorn in a few minutes and is equipped with a tilting door for easy serving. And consider grabbing those cute containers that feel like cinemas (and also keeping kids from eating everyone else's popcorn!).

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7. Bite-sized candy care package; $ 23

If you are more interested in spoiling your sweet tooth during the movie night, this grooming pack – containing 50 different sweets – should do the trick.

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8. Acrylic glasses; $ 20

Broken glass dampens every movie night. Instead, drink from these shatterproof acrylic glasses.

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9. Last Lake Camping Blanket; $ 23

Summer nights can be surprisingly cool; Make yourself comfortable under this blanket, which has a waterproof side and a side with plush fleece.

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10. Sunthin Outdoor String Lights; $ 86

Illuminate the way from your backyard theater to your door with these waterproof and shatterproof LED lights.

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11. AmazonBasics 100-foot extension cord; $ 29

It would be terrible to prepare for your outdoor movie night just to find that you can't turn anything on. So make sure you are prepared with an extension cord and surge protector.

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