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Don't camp on an abandoned Disney lot

Disney Parks in California and Florida were among the first large ticket locations closed in the United States due to Mr. COVID's Wild Ride. However, there are certain parts of the park that have been closed for much longer. For example, there is Disney World's "Discovery Island" where a man was arrested a few days ago for going on a camping trip.

Richard McGuire claims to have had no idea that he entered the house and was only at some "tropical paradise" (it's Orlando, my type). Florida authorities said McGuire should have passed Mr. Magoo through several barriers and no trespassing signs on the way to his campsite. He was there a good three or four days before a security group of helicopters and boats got him out of his quirky episode Survivor: Discovery Island . McGuire claims to have not heard her and her request to come out or hear the announcement about a PA system because he was sleeping.

  McGuire surveillance material at the scene. Walt Disney Pictures surveillance footage of McGuire at the scene.

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