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Dog whistles are already blowing for Kamala Harris

I’d say the racist dog whistles were already blowing after Joe Biden announced his VP election, but dog whistling seems far too subtle a sound for what Barry Presgraves, the Mayor of Luray, Virginia, has about Kamala Harris did. According to NBC NewsPresgraves wrote a post on Facebook saying that Joe Biden “just announced Aunt Jemima” as his runner-up. He has since “apologized” by posting this tweet:

We made it an asshole. I’m not sorry.

And also this statement:

“I would also like to apologize directly to all people of skin color and women. Passing humiliating and worn-out racist stereotypes as humor is not funny. I now fully understand how hurtful it is and I can and will do better and we can everyone is doing better. We have to. “

What the hell was that part in the end? “We can all do better. We have to?” I mean yes we can Everyone is doing better, but it’s kind of weird to get a Rah-Rah speech about what everyone else needs to work on from a man who has just publicly compared a vice-presidential candidate to one a caricature of a racial stereotype. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, of course Presgraves refuses to resign, but you probably could have guessed it by the time he tweeted, “I thought it was humorous. SORRY !!!” finished. like a high school girl casting shadows on her enemy for being with her ex-boyfriend.

However, this is just a drop on the proverbial piss-bucket of racism and sexism that Harris will have to face in the coming months and which will be particularly pronounced in the coming days. Here are just a few examples:

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