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Dog stares at the wall for days, so dad sets up a hidden camera


Crosby tried his best to tell him something. The problem is, he couldn’t understand it. He looked back at the wall his dog was so interested in, then looked at the monitor with the footage.

He scratched his head, pulled back from his chair and inspected the wall. As he did so, Crosby sprinted into the room, tail wagging happily. Crosby hadn’t been this animated in days. He decided to listen to his dog and look carefully at the wall.

George Miller

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George Miller was single and lived in a town far from his family. Feeling lonely, he decided to adopt a dog. The 29 year old cannot be separated from his puppy. In his eyes, dogs really are a man̵

7;s best friend.

If anyone as Miller needs to know what their dog is like, he will instantly refer to them as loyal and one of the cutest animals you will ever see. But Miller didn’t know about his pooch.

Commitment time


What happened made Miller question everything. He didn’t understand how a dog could have done such a thing. What he was doing made Miller wonder if it was the same dog he had adopted.

Crosby was really a cute dog, he loved playing with other animals when Miller took him to the park. Crosby often refused to leave after loving an animal.

Best friends


Crosby trusted everyone he met, he could connect with anything. This meant that he loved the animals next door, a cat and a dog. They had wreaked havoc for almost eight years, but then the unthinkable happened.

Crosby’s two best friends died in quick succession. This made her owner very sad, but as it turned out, Crosby was devastated by what had also happened.

Warning signals

Facebook / George McAdam

Miller initially did not notice the change in Crosby’s behavior. They’d do the same things every day, but Miller didn’t see any warning signs his dog was giving him.

Miller finally noticed it when he got home after a long day of work and was looking forward to his furry friend greeting him affectionately. But what he saw instead was something he never wanted to experience again.

The wall


Crosby wasn’t going to answer Miller’s calls. Soon he was staring at the living room wall. Why didn’t Crosby answer him? Did his hearing go?

Miller shouted with even greater force so that his voice echoed across the room, still nothing. He crouched down next to his buddy and stared at the spot on the wall that fascinated him. What was going on?

Snap out


Miller was very concerned, he was lovingly petting his dog in desperation and Crosby suddenly snapped out. Miller looked straight at his dog and said, “What is it, boy?”

When he met his dog’s eyes, he patted him again and breathed a sigh of relief, whatever was the matter with him, he was fine now. Maybe it was just a mistake on the wall. But Miller wasn’t aware of it, it was something much bigger.

Something is not correct


Crosby had acted normally all night after that. But when Miller woke up dry at midnight, he decided to get a glass of water from the kitchen. As he passed the living room, he noticed that Crosby was doing it again.

But now something was different, there seemed to be a gray cloud hanging over him. He looked so sad as he looked intently at the same spot on the wall as before.

Required Answers

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Miller had to find out what was wrong with Crosby. He decided to get up extra early and go straight to the nearest store. When he got there, he found a camera with night vision installed on it. He drove home and put it in his house before going to work.

He didn’t look at it when he got home and decided to wait until the next day so he had more material to look through. Why did Crosby do this and what would he find on the footage?

Tell him something


What Miller found on the footage was that Crosby wouldn’t stare at the wall when he was gone. He just ran to the wall and looked at her when Miller walked into the room. Was he trying to communicate? Miller craned his neck into the living room to see the spot on the wall.

As Miller walked into the room and crouched down to take a closer look at the wall, he heard Crosby bark playfully and come into the room. Crosby hadn’t behaved so happily in weeks, not since his furry pals died.

What was inside

B & Q.

Crosby gave another happy bark as Miller fell to his knees for closer inspection. Suddenly he heard a noise and froze. “What on earth was that?” he whispered.

His heartbeat was racing when he realized something was in the wall. His jaw dropped as he looked wildly at Crosby.

A hole


Miller broke off a piece of the wood paneling that had come off right next to the floor and was surprised to see a hole in the drywall.

He took a deep breath and stuck his hand in until it was elbow deep. But as he carefully felt around, his eyes widened in disbelief.



Lumps of drywall poured everywhere, but then he thought he felt something else. He carefully grabbed it and pulled it out, but it was only a handful of dirt, insulation, and drywall.

The screams became more urgent and he knew he was close. He rummaged through the dirt and cleared the way for his arm to go deeper into the hole.

Something inside


Miller carefully felt around the hole, his fingers touching something small and soft. He thought it might just be insulation from the wall, as before.

But just then, Crosby let out a high-pitched wail – as if encouraging him not to give up. His hand closed on the tiny creature and when he pulled it up again, his heart sank.

Little paws!

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A little kitten was hiding in the loose paneling of the wall between his living room and the washroom. The strange thing, however, was that the kitten was very much like Crosby’s best feline friend.

Stranger still, Miller had no idea how the little kitten got into this situation. But he suspected it had something to do with Crosby.


abc news

The little kitten was covered in dust. But how did she get into the wall in the first place? And was her mother around? Would she look for her if he took her with him? He had to think about what was best for the little creature.

In addition, it was almost impossible for the kitten to get into the house on its own. Crosby must have brought her in somehow in all his desperation for company.

Where were their owners?

abc news

Miller carefully cleaned up the kitten and carefully wiped the dust off its fur with a damp cloth. He looked down at Crosby, who was wagging his tail wildly and looking very pleased with himself.

The kitten couldn’t have been more than eight weeks old, and Miller had no idea how to properly look after her. He just hoped she had owners who were looking for her.

Ask around

Catherine Alford

Miller immediately searched for the kitten’s owners but couldn’t find any. He went to all of his neighbors and even put up posters. He never heard back, however.

Some neighbors told Miller that they had seen the kitten on the street before and thought she was a stray. Miller then took her to the vet.

At the vet

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The vet checked the kitten, but other than being starved and filthy, she appeared to be in excellent health. Then the vet scanned her neck to see if she had a microchip, but she didn’t.

Miller posted a photo on his neighborhood Facebook group, but nobody came forward to claim it. Miller knew there was a tough decision to be made soon.

The last straw

The Mercury News

In the meantime, Crosby loved having her with him. He was becoming more and more like the joyful, goofy pup Miller knew he was. Even so, Miller never really wanted a cat, so he asked the vet if he wanted to take her to the shelter.

It broke his heart, but he was determined. Little did he know that the universe was working in Crosby’s favor.



“The vet was basically telling me that if I took her to the shelter she would be knocked down because there are already over 300 kittens in need of homes in the county shelter alone,” Miller said.

“He said I could try to take her outside and hope she goes home or I could keep her.”

Happy until the end!

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With no choice but to keep her, Miller came home with a new family member and a very excited Crosby.

It was a win, a win! Crosby was no longer lonely and the kitten now had a loving home. Miller named the kitten Lil Ray-Ray. And Miller, well, he’s learned to pay more attention to what his dog is trying to tell him in the future.

Undeniable bond


The more Miller saw how Crosby treated Lil Ray-Ray, the more convinced he became that keeping the kitten was ultimately the best decision.

Crosby even allowed the kitten to claw at him and feel at home in his warm fur. Crosby endured the kitten even if she used its fur as a scratching post.

animals in need


Thank god for people like Miller. But animal shelters around the world need all the help they can get. So always remember: if you can’t adopt, you may be able to promote.

If you’re unable to sponsor, you can donate, or even just help raise awareness about rescue organizations and the amazing animals that are waiting there for their forever homes.

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