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disposable jokes that eventually became real


& # 39; The Simpsons & # 39; had a perfect idea of ​​the fiery end of the & # 39; Game Of Thrones & # 39;

With over 30 years, 680 episodes, 140 authors and counts, it's no wonder that the typewriter monkeys behind The Simpsons were able to predict some of the best times and the outbreak of the times. Stay relaxed enough with your interpretation, and The Simpsons can be attributed to the prediction of President Trump's rise, Olympic gold for the US curling team, and the (near) mass of the Higgs boson particle. They even managed to foresee a group of pandemic panic attacks that were frightened by hornets from the streets. Just like in real life (unfortunately)!

But very occasionally, this broad scattershot approach with laser-like precision shows a look into the future. We all like to forget the catastrophic last season of Game of Thrones in which each character behaved as irrationally as if he had finally succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning from all dragon fart. A season that then jumped and then grilled the shark when Queen Daenerys decided to burn the largest city in Westeros because of bell-related PTSD.

  Let off steam. HBO Let off steam. [19659008] And if this scene looked very familiar, even if you looked at it with sagging jaws, it could be because you kept up with The Simpsons . In their Game of Thrones parody episode "The Serfsons" the family stares faintly when a crazy rider and his red dragon devastate fiery waste after construction.

  Blowing of steamed ham. 20 Century Fox Television Blowing of steamed ham.

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