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Discard sourdough starter recipes Dental floss

If, like many others, you started baking during the shelter-in-place, you’ve probably made a sourdough starter – and are probably in the starter waste. Discard your drop with these creative and delicious recipes.

1. Pancakes

This Tastes of Lizzy T. recipe uses a cup of sourdough starter discard and produces the thickest, fluffiest pancakes you’ll ever eat – and even better, it only takes 20 minutes to make. If you don’t have enough people to eat all of the pancakes, you can freeze some and heat them later in the toaster. If pancakes aren’t your thing, try making crepes with your drop.

2. Crackers

Making these crackers is quick and easy: the recipe requires a cup of waste, butter at room temperature, flour, salt, and some time in the fridge. Make sure you roll out the dough thinly, otherwise they will become slightly tough ̵

1; but whether thick or thin, they are still delicious! The recipe contains around 100 bite-size crackers that you can keep in an airtight container or freeze for a week at room temperature.

3. Pizza dough

When preparing this Little Spoon Farm pizza dough recipe, consume half a cup of leaven starter waste. The dough has to sit outside overnight, then spend some time in the fridge and then rest a little on the counter before you make your pizza, but all the time it’s worth it: one reviewer called it “the best [crust] we have ever done. “

4. Cinnamon rolls

Making The Spruce cinnamon rolls is slower than the typical recipe, according to The Spruce, but as Pete Scherer writes, “There is nothing more cozy than the smell of cinnamon and sourdough that blows out of the oven while these babies are baking. They are an ooey, gooey and tasty addition to any breakfast or brunch. “The recipe is given in grams. So break out your digital scale, attach the dough hook to your blender and bake!

5. Banana bread

With this recipe from The Clever Carrot, you can combine the two major quarantine back trends – banana bread and sourdough – into a delicious dish.

6. English muffins

According to King Arthur Flour, this recipe provides “crispy, tough, spicy gemstones” that “were among the best [the taste testers had] It can be made with either discarded or ripe sourdough starter; the latter gives a greater rise. If you put the dough in the fridge after the first 1.5 hours of rising, it will give a more pronounced sourdough taste.

7. Muesli

This San Diego Food Stuff recipe uses sourdough starter waste – mixed with brown sugar, water, flour, honey, and vanilla for added flavor – to bind the ingredients together in cereal. Once you’ve baked them in the oven, you can use the muesli as a muesli or eat it straight from the bowl.

8. Cake crust

According to Eileen Gray about Baking Sense, this cake crust is “tender, flaky and tastes fantastic”. It also smells good when you bake it, and rises a little more than traditional crust due to the yeast from the sourdough starter waste. You need to keep the dough in the refrigerator for at least a few hours before preparing your cake. Therefore, make sure that you include this in your planning.

9. Pasta

This recipe from The Gingered Whisk only requires three ingredients: sourdough starter waste, flour and an egg. After shaping the ingredients into a ball with your blender, leave the dough to stand for at least a few hours and as long as overnight. Then roll out the dough thinly, cut it into the desired shape and cook it for eating – you get pasta with “a light sourdough smell and a nice chewing bite”.

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