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Dean Martin’s daughter admits what we expected all along

Man of many talents

Everyone knows Dean Martin as a polite, charismatic man who had so many talents. He was a singer, actor, comedian and versatile entertainer. His voice and quick joke made him a beloved member of the rat pack. Of course there were many rumors around him, as is common for someone as famous as he is.

However, recently his daughter Deana broke the silence and shared something that could change the way you think about him forever.


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Dean Martin was part of a very famous group of friends in the 1950s. These prominent friends included Peter Lawford, Frank Sinatra, Humphrey Bogart, Joey Bishop and Humphrey Bogart. This group was known to enjoy spending time on the Las Vegas Strip and over time this group became known as the Rat Pack. However, not many people know where the name comes from.

Waiting woman


The iconic name of the Rat Pack was taken from a temporary comment by Bogart’s wife Lauren Bacall after a particularly loud night. She opened the door and looked at the group before commenting that they looked like a “damn rat pack”. While she may have been joking, the whole world would soon know the name.

Family secrets


As a group, the Rat Pack had a lot of work to do during its time. In total, they had collaborated on 20 films, numerous songs and other projects. However, Deana Martin would reveal some secrets that would make many people see Dean Martin in a different light.



Martin, known to his fans as “the king of coolness”, exuded a relaxed, relaxed, yet powerful presence. This attitude and behavior was a big part of Martin’s appeal and attracted fans. It has often been commented that women wanted to be with him while men dreamed of being him.

Just make it look

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What really made this attitude so remarkable was how effortless it seemed to Martin to be the smooth, relaxed, cool cat. This seemingly natural ability also infected the people around him and few could deny that the Rat Pack wasn’t just a group of great entertainers. It was also the most polite group of men.


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The same attitude led to all members of the group becoming even more famous than they already were. But just like today, where celebrities went, gossip and rumors followed. The rat pack was at the center of many rumors, some of which had the potential to destroy people’s view of them.

Break the silence

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Martin’s daughter Deana finally spoke about the rumors in 2018. She admits that she grew up hearing the rumors and knowing what kind of woman her father was. She believes that the group could only exist if it did, and that its “cuteness” would not be translated well in modern times.


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The famous Friars Club in New York City, known for its famous roasts, decided to give Deana the Trobairitz title in 2018. Her father was also a member of the club and she was asked what she thought about the Me Too movement and the impact it would have on her father.

Controversial statement

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When asked if she thought the Rat Pack was in hot water or avoided the problem altogether, Deana replied, “I think they only did it because they were so cute in it, they were cool … “Then she fell down. She was silent before giving an honest answer. She felt the world should hear it.

She had an almost instant revelation

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Once she made that statement, Martin took a moment to think about what she had said. She realized that men used the fact that they were “just cute” as a means of defending sexual harassment in Hollywood. So she changed her previous comment.

Cuteness would not have saved her father

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“Well, now that I think about it, I don’t know if they would have survived,” she said. Martin admitted that her father and friends were charming in their approach to certain situations. However, many of these situations would not fly in today’s world. Yet they were part of a club that seemed to be opposing today’s gender equality agenda.

The rat pack was part of a male-dominated club

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Sexual harassment is not exactly new in Hollywood. Friars Club is a controversial, male-dominated private club that became famous thanks to the Rat Pack. But there have been some controversial members over the years, including Harvey Weinstein, the former Hollywood producer who was caught in the middle of the # MeToo controversy. And yet Martin’s daughter felt split.

Her father was only human

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Martin admitted that her father wasn’t always the type that people saw on camera. According to her, everything was nothing but an action. Dean Martin was indeed a heavy smoker, a drinker and a Philanderer. But “The Dean Martin Show” sometimes put him in a less than flattering light.

The Dean Martin Show didn’t help him much

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“The Dean Martin Show”, which aired from 1965 to 1974, was a chat show in which her father was portrayed as an overly tanned man who often blurred his words and always had an old-fashioned cocktail in hand. And when he messed up his lines, he never picked them up again. But was it really an act, as Deana claimed?

She confirmed the rumors about her father

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During the second part of her interview, Martin confirmed the rumors about her father and said the man the public believed he knew was not real at all. She claimed that it was all just an act, and that was just the beginning …

He just played along

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“The cigarette, womanizing, that was his shtick,” she said. According to her, the old-fashioned cocktail in her father’s glass was probably apple juice. He did these things to be personable and relatable. According to her, Dean Martin was just a guy who went with the flow. This is one of the reasons why she initially felt that his sympathy and charm had protected him during the #MeToo movement. But she is not so sure now. So who was the real Dean Martin?

He was more of a family man

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Martin also admitted that her father was more of a family man than his friends Sammy Davis Jr. and Frank Sinatra. “Dad came home every night … He wouldn’t stay up with Uncle Frank and Uncle Sammy, he didn’t want to,” she said. Outside of the limelight, they did what they wanted while their father preferred to spend time with his family. But she wasn’t the only one who called the “drunk and female” ways of the Rat Pack an act.

A former member of the Rat Pack commented on the controversy

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Joey Bishop, a former member of the Rat Pack, claimed the group never got drunk while performing. He added that the group’s reputation as a bad boy was a joke confirming what Martin’s daughter had said. But would Martin be proud of what his daughter did to the Friars Club?

Martin wanted her own group

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When Martin’s daughter was admitted to the Friars Club, she joined the very talented Liza Minnelli, Dionne Warwick, Kristen Chenowith and Barbra Streisand. Martin joked and claimed that they could start their own pack. “You know what? We could be The Cat Pack, ”she said. “I will shape this sentence.”

Meet the cat pack

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Dionne Warwick, Barbra Streisand, Liza Minnelli and Kristin Chenoweth were also the only women admitted to the Friars Club. As a result, Deana believes that her father would be very proud of what she has achieved.

For the most part, things were bourgeois

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Anyone who has ever seen a roast at the Friars Club knows that things can get pretty vulgar, but Martin’s roasts are very different. She says that when they roast, they don’t rely on vulgarity and shock to talk. But what would her father think?

She knows that he would be proud of her

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Martin believes in her heart that her father would have greatly appreciated her decision to behave well while roasting the Cat Pack. “For the Deana Martin celebrity roasts, they’re fun and use a little bad language, but they’re not mean or vulgar,” she said.

It has its own way of doing things

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Martin says she would “stay away from anything racist or anything like the Dean Martin Celebrity Roast,” she said. And she hopes to follow in her father’s footsteps in other ways.

Few knew who their father really was

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Only a handful of people knew the real Dean Martin, and Deana was proud and grateful to be among the few privileged to do so. But she is also very aware that he loved his Rat Pack friends and that they had a lot of fun together. This explains why he was always so cool, calm and admired.

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