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Deadpool's first appearance shows how much he has changed

There is a thought experiment called Theseus. It asks that if you replace every board of a ship, can it still be called the same ship? Likewise, if you have a super-hero with regenerating powers, with every part of his body broken, exploded, and / or torn off, is he still the same superhero? Probably not, and that's a good thing.

Rob Liefeld

In the upcoming Deadpool 2 the mercenary sits down with his mouth against his longtime "it's complicated" opponent Cable. This brings Deadpool back to its roots when the character appeared for the first time with Cable in New Mutants # 98 in 1

991 – which means that Deadpool is now about twice his age of sense of humor. To celebrate this circle, Heritage Auctions sells the first page of Deadpool, which talks about Cable by artist Rob Liefeld and shows us Deadpool in its original skin (and already loses part of it in the last panel)

Rob Liefeld / Marvel Comics

Movie fans might find that there is a significant lack of banter and step-swallow when they come to this fresh-faced (well, not so fresh) Deadpool. The shot, the fourth brick break, and frequent indications that Wolverine was giving handjobs in the back seat came later. As we mentioned before, the early Deadpool is a bit more cookie cutter, which is a rather diplomatic way of saying it was an uninspired rip-off of a DC super villain. And yes, Deadpool's call Cable out for his overzealous DC-like tude definitely makes a case of the pot that calls the kettle grimdark.

Rob Liefeld / Marvel Comics

This is great news for fans and newcomers alike. Cable gives a better, funnier and more relevant Deadpool a chance to improve its own past – and Cable's balls, we suppose. But if you want to own this piece of Deadpool history before it's rewritten, the auction will run until May 10th. But be warned, the price of this single comic strip is already up to $ 30,000. Pretty much, albeit slightly below the price of a single Calvin and Hobbes strip in the same auction – something we know Deadpool would approve of.

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