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Curiously lead TED Circle September 2020

Sly leader with curiosity ted circle heading September 2020

A list list – TED Circles is an open platform for small groups to have discussions about ideas. Circles, moderated by volunteers, see and discuss a TED lecture and then exchange ideas online to consider each other’s perspectives and have a global conversation. This conversation needs everyone, so we hope you join as a host (registration below) and / or guest (monthly registrations below). Circles can be 100% virtual, so the communities stay connected right now. In addition to the monthly topics, there are special programs each month on what̵

7;s going on in the world so that the Circles discussions are as meaningful and relevant as possible. – Nadya Mason: How to scientifically arouse your curiosity | TED Talk, Suzie Sheehy: The Case for Curious Research | TED Talk, Özlem Cekic: Why I drink coffee with people who send me hate mail | TED Talk, Juna Kollmeier: The most detailed map of galaxies, black holes and stars ever made TED Talk, Özlem Cekic: How can kindness disarm hate? : NPR, Ramsey Musallam: 3 Rules to Promote Learning | TED Talk and Eduardo Briceño: How to improve the things that matter to you TED Talk

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