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Creators who hated adjustments in their own work


Andrew Lloyd Webber hated them Cats Film too

Like all of us, thought Andrew Lloyd Webber the Cats Film was a travesty. He didn’t hold back at all and said, “The whole thing was ridiculous.” Unlike all of us, however, he believed that the problem stemmed from one thing: Director Tom Hooper didn’t want anyone involved in the original show to be involved in the film. Which honestly sounds pretty surprising as it implies that somehow the movie’s problem wasn̵

7;t being faithful enough to the musical. Let’s look at why that doesn’t make any sense at all.

First and foremost, the film is about a group of two-legged feline-like beings performing elaborate dance routines (and somehow that description doesn’t even do justice to the film’s weirdness). There is almost no plot and the whole thing is a collection of songs in which each cat introduces itself. So far, so bizarre. But … that’s exactly what the stage version was, except that they put makeup and fake hair on the actors instead of using visual effects to turn them into nightmare cat-human hybrids. In other words, the film had the same vision as the musical, but it was rendered using state of the art CGI.

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They warned us that technology would be an instrument of terror.

There were some narrative differences, of course, but they were the kind that would have to be put into a mega-budget Hollywood movie. The biggest change is that the film makes Victoria the protagonist, Give her an arc that will take us through all of the parts where cats introduce themselves through songs. Sure, a Broadway musical can just be a group of two Victorian cats singing about who they are, but a movie that’s near nine-figure budget needs to give at least lip service (whisker service?) To cinema conventions, just So people shoveling all the money feels a little safer.

So all in all, it’s pretty hard to imagine a big budget Cats Film that could be more faithful to the original musical.

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