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Crazy Stuff hacker found in video game code


Fourteen daysBoobalicious lie the developer

Although it is a game in which dozens of people fight until only one is left to dance on a pile of corpses, Fourteen days is somehow considered a child-friendly game. However, in an update from 2018, some fans asked the question that Calamity, a cowgirl character, whose model had surprisingly realistic boob physics, was introduced.

Some fans quickly pointed out the weirdness of a female figure that was displayed with such “realism”

; in the breast department, while others likely wanted the developers to ensure that other female models were upgraded – for equality reasons, we are sure. It didn’t work and the shaky chest physics were quickly repaired. Epic games tried to shake off the whole debacle as an embarrassing and “unintentional” mistake, and while it is nice of a large company not to blame a single employee who has once become a villain “out of nowhere”, it seems “unintentional” a distance.

Doing something that looks good in a game is not an easy task. So if a pair of breasts wobble realistically in a game, it’s because either a person or a bunch of them has worked hard (or at least semi-hard) to code them so that they move. To solve the puzzle, hackers damnedly searched the pre-patched version of the game with data and found lines of code with names like “Breast Physics” that developers probably entered by mistake. With her penises.

Epic games
In the picture: proof that it is possible to code with one hand.


Red Dead Redemption 2 Fans solve his biggest puzzles

If Rockstar Games doesn’t mess around with its own developers with fun practical jokes like devastating overtime, it’s famous for playing with players. in the Red Dead Redemption 2 They all teased with the existence of a legendary catfish and sent us on an impossible search to catch it until we shouted: “- I stab you from the heart of hell; for the sake of hatred I spit out my last breath. ” TV. Is that a different version of GTA San Andreas‘Bigfoot situation where many players claimed to have seen the beast for years but only had low-piss footage as evidence?

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